Tecnam P92

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Tecnam P92
The P92 in flight.png
  • Emmanuel Baranger(3D
  • FDM), Guillaume Bacon (Sounds), Clément de l'Hamaide (Systems)
--aircraft= p92, p92A
Status Early production
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Download Download the Tecnam P92 aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).

Flying the Tecnam P92 W

This section contains a review.   Please note that statements made here are (mostly based on) a single person's opinion.

The autostart feature is very useful in this aircraft, since it also closes the door, wideopen at the start, With the engine running, an increase in power makes the plane veer off course, easily corrected with the rudder, but the rudder again must be adjusted as speed builds up in order to reduce prevent over correction.

Once the ASI is firmly planted in the white arc, the stick is pulled bakc to maitain a climb of 100 fpm at about 75 kmh. The ASI is all in KMH which makes one seem to be going faster, and may be adjustable throught the settings.

One feature thatbecomes evident immedialtey is the canopy distortion. Credit goes to the FG programmers who have realistically. maybe too realsitcally implemented this feature, since canopy distortion witht he apprenet distortion of the eartht below, is a really annoying feature. Everything seems darker as well, possible due to a tinted canopy, but this is tolerable.

Turns were easily accomplished without losing much height,m and the aircraft is stable in turns. Roll rates are decent, no ballrel rolls here but for crusiing around seems to be just about right. I had some problems with elevator trim, this may be a bug in the installation, which will have to be figuredout.I did notice, however exrtem up elevator position in the in flight shots.

The tail viw is a nice feature and could alwasy be referred toas a realaircraft witht tail camera video recorder.

The outside model seems a bit low poly, but then again may be a feature of my on board graphics set up which willbe corrected shortly. Teh same goes fo the screenshots, if they are a little unappealing due to texture begin turned off, shadersoff, which will also explaint he lack of trees.

Another odd feature I notice in replay only is that the aircraft shadows appear as if the aircraft was on the ground, and the weels are turning, which is very disconcerting, perhaps this is a bug in Fg 2.4

Bewreof the autopilot wing leveler L like many aircraft, is does not sowrk , actaull yworsem, it rolls the aircraft tot he right na n uncontrollable spiral which is difficult to recover quickly from, so use the heading control only. The descent rate works fine, actually once forgetting to monitor the aircraft, while typing this review, it wa set at a 400 mpf descent, and the aircraft landed and tipped one wing to the left, but finally settle in a high speed cruise across the flatlands near KHRV on he ground, this is an useful feature if you need to land the airplane safely . The wheels and spring laded gear bends up appropriately on landing, but in the replay the annoying shadows and wheel revolutions persist all the way down the ground level.

The pilot figure is decent enough and the cockpit is also detailed enough to be pleasing. Corrected SI to knots and the elevator problem and this is a nice little LSA, well equipped as well, with radios and such.