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Download parameter usage and the {{repo link}} template for TAR files

Hi! For the last edit where the download parameter for the {{infobox aircraft}} template usage changed from:

 {{gitlab zip file|user=mdanil|repo=Tu-144|full=1|tag=0.5.0}}


 [ Release]

this does not work as you cannot have the text "Release" here - you must use a pure URL rather than a Mediawiki link.

From the change, I gather that you would like a link to the TAR file rather than the ZIP file. For that I would recommend simply extending the set of {{repo link}} templates. You could create the {{gitlab tar file}} template by copying the contents of {{gitlab zip file}} and changing "*.zip" to "*.tar.gz". This is very easy, as these are subtemplates of {{repo link}}, and the change would be of benefit for everyone! Then you could add it to the list at {{repo link/doc related}}. Cheers!

Bugman (talk) 04:24, 24 January 2017 (EST)

How do you do,
The last edit was because I saw the template not working. Maybe I should have waited some time.
While I strongly prefer TAR files and expect them to be more widely used with free software, I would not mind changing to ZIP if it is more appropriate.
Mdanil (talk) 08:24, 24 January 2017 (EST)
The zip file did work fine. Here it is as you had it previously:
Tupolev Tu-144
Type Airliner, Supersonic aircraft
Configuration Canard aircraft, Delta-wing aircraft
Propulsion Jet aircraft
Manufacturer Tupolev
Author(s) Michael Danilov
--aircraft= Tu-144D
Status Early production
 FDM Stars-5.png
 Systems Stars-5.png
 Cockpit Stars-0.png
 Model Stars-3.png
 Repository The development repository of the Tupolev Tu-144.
Download Download the Tupolev Tu-144 aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).
License Restricted
This aircraft is NOT available under the GNU GPL 2, the primary license of the FlightGear project. This means that parts cannot be reused in the official FlightGear repositories.

The URL produced by {{gitlab zip file|user=mdanil|repo=Tu-144|full=1|tag=0.5.0}} is, which seems to be a valid download. For the *.tar.gz snapshot file, this is only supported by GitLab. SourceForge and GitHub only allow for ZIP snapshots. And as nobody was using TAR snapshot links in the FG wiki, as far as I could tell, I never made that {{gitlab tar file}} template. If you really would like TAR snapshot instead, I can look at creating the template in the next days/weeks.

Bugman (talk) 08:58, 24 January 2017 (EST)

If the TAR template is not too much work to maintain. On the other hand, ZIP already does the job. Thanks,

Mdanil (talk) 09:27, 24 January 2017 (EST)