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fgrun section

The fgrun section only lists very simple feature requests at the moment, these are better sent to the fgrun issue tracker, they are not suitable as GSoC projects - which are supposed to provide a learning experience that keeps students busy for 3 months. Implementing the features that are listed, would not take much longer than about 1 hour (at most) for anyone who is familiar with C++ programming.--Hooray 18:32, 2 August 2010 (UTC)

Also see


Depending on whether or not this page creates momentum, it may need to be restructured - possibly even split off into separate pages, i.e.:

  • application boilerplate
  • student application template
  • candidate projects

Template to present candidate projects

It might make sense to create a template to present candidate projects in an intuitive fashion, info to present should among others include:

  • title
  • short description
  • detailed description
  • required skills (programming languages, technologies)
  • estimated complexity

Background Info