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This is a draft.

At the moment there is no active initiative to participate in GSoC

TODO: copy/paste feature requests and mini projects from other wiki pages that might make for good candidate projects, for a possible application/participation. Update this page to show that we will be applying for participation in 2011

Feel free to propose completely new projects, you can also create a new wiki page if you want to.

Keep in mind that proposed projects should be "do-able" within a 3 month time frame by a student who may not know anything about FlightGear (but it's safe to assume they know how to program).

Related Wiki Pages

Wiki pages containing possible inspirations for candidate projects:

FlightGear Candidate Projects

TODO: put here suitable ideas for projects

FlightGear Scenery

FlightGear Multiplayer Server

  • reduce bandwidth used by not relaying information to server "N" about aircraft that are not visible to any fliers on server "N"
    • Already implemented, but there are other possible bandwidth saving improvements that could be tried.
  • reduce bandwidth used by not sending all active MP enabled properties in every packet.

FlightGear Launch Control (fgrun)

  • offer (via checkbox option) automatic selection of nearest MP server based on geographic location (by IP address), lowest lag (ping time) or least server load (which of these is the better metric may need research)
  • place commonly used (or as added by user) command line options as individual items in a listbox with a checkbox or radio button for each such that they can be easily found and turned on/off individually and their values easily changed.

FlightGear Cockpit

  • create arduino interfaces and view modes and self design in settings

FlightGear JSBsim

FlightGear YASim

  • improve interaction of aircraft with the ground. Helicopters tend to rotate (rotor torque?) and/or slide around when on the ground.

FlightGear Nasal

  • Improving Nasal
  • The Nasal runtime would benefit from being upgraded with a concurrent and perhaps parallel garbage collector. The current stop-the-(Nasal)-world GC may inflict long delays in the simulation main loop.
  • 09/2010: "fgfs has a lot of Nasal code now. In my profiling I have never seen the nasal interpreter as a hot spot, though I haven't profiled the new weather or some of Vivian's experiments. At some point we might need to get more eyeballs looking at Nasal performance." [1] [2]
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