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Language Support

Hi all FG's. I usually make translations for FG Wiki, so also I will be very proud to help in the Language Support translations. However last month I had a PC boot problem, my pc wont start :(((( So unfortunately can't help this time :((((( and for now Wiki is the only way I have for outside comms.

Good new to know FG language support turns back. Anyways I want to help introducing an idea based on my online experience in FG.

Helping people in different languages is difficult because menu names changes too on each language version.

My idea is to incorporate numeral index/subindex to the menu in order to identify easily each option regarless the language the menu is translated.

I think it could helps a lot.

Michat Aepcam 16:10, 22 May 2012 (EDT)

you want to add a number to every menu option in FlightGear? Not sure if that makes it any clearer. And you'd still have the "problem" of new menu options that are added, or old options that are deleted in between releases...
Anyway, this is a feature request that belongs in our tracker:
Gijs 16:43, 23 May 2012 (EDT)
Hi, yes my suggestion is to use numbers as index menu/submenu. However I understand that there are differences between releases, so I think we should unify concepts for future releases improving our online assistance cappabilities.
Thanks again for you help. I'll use our tracker for this suggestion.

Michat Aepcam 06:37, 24 May 2012 (EDT)