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I'm not sure what the second 2 sentences in the "Dubai" section are trying to say.

  • Looks good now, Gijs

Virtual Airlines

Uh, this stuff looks very gossipy, referring to bickering in the forums, etc. I don't think that looks very good in a newsletter. I vote for either just a couple of sentences, sans gossip or outright deletion of this section before "publication"

Ok, I cleaned it up. The newsletter is not meant for publicising personal opinions or mysterious stuff. The current paragraph gives a summary of the progress that has been made, as that is excactly the kind of things people expect to read in a NEWSletter.
Feel free to improve anything else.
Gijs 16:50, 25 March 2010 (UTC)
PS: RatOmeter, please sign your messages on talk pages with four tildes (~), so we know who said what and when ;)
Not neccessary, Gijs!
Can you please explain why you think it should be kept? I had responses from multiple people (including respectable FG developers), who did not like the paragraph and said it doesn't fit the newsletter's purpose, as explained by me above...
Gijs 17:09, 25 March 2010 (UTC)
Statements like "The disease that is sucking the life out of the FlightGear Virtual Airline industry" cast a very negative tone in what has been (and IMO, should remain) a newsletter about the positive developments in and around FlightGear.
RatOmeter 17:18, 25 March 2010 (UTC)

It is not your right or power (even though you are a mod) to warp the newsletter to the way you want it to be. You have not contributed to the AVA discussion, and thus cannot speak or represent the VAs progress. I have edited it to make it less controversial (as you pointed out, the "disease" statement was a bit much, but you are trying to propogandize the Newsletter. We do not live in a perfect forum world! Setback will occur; but you can't just pretend they never happened. But we have shown we can overcome them, and that makes a good story. Please stop interfering with reporting on this topic, as I have spent a good time editing it, writing it, and cleaning it up. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Did you start the newsletter? Didn't think so. The newsletter started as a means to communicate the progress of FG development to the world in month-sized chunks. I think it should stick to that. If that means dropping all "community" related stuff, especially if the "community" is about bickering and in-fighting, then so be it.
RatOmeter 17:32, 25 March 2010 (UTC)
Neither is it your right to spoil an idea that various users have been working on very hard over the past months. We all know that you never wrote anything to the wiki before (except for adding a couple of links), so I think you can point at yourself as well.
The idea of this newsletter is to update people on new developments in FlightGear and FlightGear related subjects. Ofcourse the virtual arilines belong there as well. We've had an VA section in (almost) every newsletter so far, as you can check. However, reports about flamewars at the forum is really not something that the FlightGear user is interested in. Also, instead of downgrading other peoples ideas in an "official" text, without discussion (that's what you can do at the forum) isn't really fair.
While writing this text, I see you updated the newsletter. It does look a lot better now, almost like my original revison (?). However, I still do not understand why you promote stuff that you call a "disease"...
Gijs 17:37, 25 March 2010 (UTC)
PS: Isn't it a little bit childish to have multiple accounts, acting as if you have support?
PPS: If you have any problems with my moderation actions, you are free to PM me (at the forum), as said before.

Response from myself:

I AM NOT REPORTING ON FLAMEWARS GOING ON, so please get your facts straight! I have been following the discussion to this new VA and I've deduced that Skywlf has a facebook group for it.

THERE IS NOTHING INFLAMMATORY ABOUT THAT VA SECTION! Please do not delete it! I am having a hard time seeing what is so bad about saying how many obstacles were overcome to get the VA to where it is. Once again, respect my work and stop erasing it.