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06/2010: Update required WRT CVS vs. GIT use

There are a number of articles which still refer to CVS instead of GIT, so there should probably be a new category added to such pages to indicate that these pages need to be updated accordingly.

TODO: introduce and discuss fgfs-builder

proposal about building FG and OSG related items

- First change the obsoletes references to Plib (do we need to keep them somewhere because of the remaining plib branch ?) --> done

- Give some explanation about what we win with OSG.

- Gather some help tips on how to get and build the FG patched OSG.

- List the more common problems encountered when running FG with OSG, mark them as fixed when done.

- A link is given to gdb, some examples and associated context would be great.


Any chance of getting a thorough guide on how to set up a dev environment for Flight Gear in Windows? I'm attempting to right now, but I'm already on day 2 with no luck, and apparently according to this site: it's not even possible on my current system set-up, as I have MSVC6, and it would extremely nice to know for sure.

If I can get this to work in the end I'll post something, but until then ...

FG will not compile with msvc6, it was allready a lot of work to adapt the code a few years ago (declaration of indices in a for statement, some templates could not compile as is, etc). Now that FG uses OSG wich is very C++, it's harder to use VC6. The best is surely to use the free version of msvc 2005.

using script for ubuntu/debian

may I add the script to the page for the Ubuntu (And soon even Debian) users ? I have well tested it on 8.04 and 8.10 both 32 and 64 bits

Now it automatically compiles:

  • plib 1.8.5
  • osg from svn
  • simgear from cvs
  • FlighGear from cvs
  • fgrun from svn
  • fgcom from svn
  • atlas from cvs

script can downloaded here.

If you agree I can make a section under this article explaining the usage.

mapserver vs. gitorious

The git mirror for simgear at seemed to be down.

I got this:

fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /git/simgear

The gitorious repo works fine, so I edited this page to reflect that.