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  • discuss base package inclusion candidates and how to come up with a set of conventions/requirements in order to determine what a/c to include

In-game Aircraft Rating

  • Give the chance for players to rate Aircrafts from inside FG (from pre-flight selection, after flight -sort of a PRIREP -, or via the Aircraft Center).
  • Clearly sepparate in different repos/categories, and maintain on their own, the Aircrafts in different development stages; stablish and enforce an "Aircraft developemnt live-cycle"; don't allow aircrafts untested to be promoted to Production/Release Stages. Some possible statuses: Alpha-Beta-PreRelease-Production-Gold (get bundled with the base FG Distro).
  • Version System: ratings are related to versions. A new version of an aircraft can be broken, thus will have a different, lower rating than other versions. Clearly state the version of the aircraft selected; I've seen many good aircrafts in FG that got broken but never rolled-back because of lack of this version control.
  • To avoid cheating within the aircraft rating system, maybe users should be authenticated.

Alternative: Feature-based status tracking

Use the discussed technique to track aircraft development status based on the availability of certain features, i.e. import various PropertyList XML files from top-level "status.xml", detailing status information-like:

  • status/fdm.xml
  • status/3dModel.xml
  • status/panel.xml
  • status/systems.xml

In each corresponding XML file, keep track of implemented features:


 <details bugs="mod-bugs.txt" fixme="mod-fixme.txt" todo="mod-todo.txt"/>
   <is-implemented type="bool" value="true"/>
   <is-animated    type="bool" value="true/>


     <is-implemented type="bool" value="true"/>

Adding a template for the aircraft status

I've seen the aircraft status added to some aircraft pages as sections and subsections (e.g. the A310).

I understand that this is to keep track of the development of that particular aircraft, but I wonder if the status could be put on each and every aircraft page as a template or as part of the airplane info-box.

My biggest worry is that it might be a bit controversial to some of the developers, and might lead to edit wars, though I think that that risk is small. Johan G 06:39, 3 July 2011 (EDT)

Current aircraft status summary (last part)

hello i've translated in french Aircraft status indication(see: Fr/Aircraft_status_indication),but i've a question about Current aircraft status summary (the last part in this article). seems it's only for FG 2.4.:

"Current aircraft status summary Here is a table of the current aircraft status of the planes you can download for version 2.4.0 from there: [1]. It has been made on Sep 10, 2011 by extracting all the planes and looking for the <rating> tag in the *-set.xml file. As you can see, only a small number of aircrafts stick to the status description but i find the table already very useful. The table is editable so feel free to add new plane statuses or edit current ones when new versions are released."

is a table exist for flighgear V2.8.?seems the actual table is outdated. :(

koubi, 09:56, 8 September 2012 (UTC)

there is no update of that table available as far as I know. But since 2.6, the status ratings are displayed on our aircraft download page. So we'd better refer to that, instead of the old table. I'll remove it from the English article.
Gijs 08:03, 8 September 2012 (EDT)
PS: Please sign messages on talk pages with ~~~~, so your name *and* the data/time are added behind your name ;-)

thanks for your answer,i've removed it from the french article. I am a "rookie" with mediawiki,but it's for me the best way to help FlightGear community :). If one day you see something is wrong in my contribs don't hésitate to tell me it.
i try to follow "translate page" advise but i can make error,i will try to do my best. have a good week and thanks :)

koubi,11:50, 9 September 2012 (UTC)