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Older Harrier GR1 splash screen

Splash srceens are used in a number of different ways by the simulator:

  • As thumbnails of aircraft within the launcher Aircraft page and on the website.
  • As a gallery of aircraft screenshots within the launcher Aircraft page, which the user can scroll through.
  • As a background to the launcher Summary page
  • As a "splash screen" while the simulator is loaded.

Using splash screens


Thumbnails must be a 171 x 128 pixel JPEG file, named "thumbnail.jpg" in the aircraft root directory.

Launcher gallery and aircraft loading splash screens

The other 3 uses use a common set of screenshots, defined in the Aircraft-set.xml file under <previews>:

                <splash type="bool">true</splash>
                <splash type="bool">true</splash>
                <splash type="bool">true</splash>
  • <type> can be "cockpit", "exterior" or "detail"
  • <path> is the path to the .jpg file
  • <splash> is used to indicate whether the files should be used on the loading screen.

Splash screen file requirements

File requirements are as follows:

  • 1024 x 768 pixel resolution (or at least these proportions - the constant increase in screen resolutions means that 1920x1080 is becoming more prevalent)
  • No border, text or logo elements. Information on the aircraft type and authors is added at run time by the simulator.
  • Minimal post-processing is preferred, so it is a close representation of what the user can expect to see.
  • Preferably only featuring standard scenery and aircraft, no other add-ons

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