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{{WIP|The page will be amended as the participants and organizers agree on the practices to be followed.}}

'''The Ultimate MP Fly-In''' will be a multiplayer event hosted in conjunction with [[FSweekend 2014]] (November 1st-2nd) and taking place in the Iberian Peninsula.

This 48-hour event, originally proposed by [ METAL], will feature a variety of scenarios to appeal to a big variety of players – from pilots going for absolute realism to casual flyers. It will also be an occasion to welcome new players to the FlightGear world.

== Mini-events ==
During the Fly-In several themed events (mini games) will be held. The games can take place at any time during the 48-hour period; slots can be reserved by posting on [ this forum thread] and will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

The following table lists all confirmed mini-events so far:
{| class="wikitable"
! scope="col"| Title
! scope="col"| Time (UTC)
! scope="col"| Details

== Controlled airports ==
Several airports will be manned to provide a realistic environment; check the exact times on [ Lenny's website].

Voice communication (held exclusively via Mumble, server: <tt></tt>) is preferred; text chat will be offered as a backup service.

We kindly ask pilots flying there to follow these guidelines to make this experience enjoyable for everyone.
* You must not start on a runway; start FlightGear, taxi to the apron and connect to the multiplayer servers only at that point.
* You must request appropriate clearances (be authorized by ATC) to taxi, takeoff, land at an airport and you will be expected to follow them promptly.
* You will be expected to communicate using at least basic ICAO phraseology - see the [[ATC phraseology]] and the [[ATC Tutorial]] wiki pages.
* You must be able to taxi, takeoff, land, maintain an assigned heading/speed/altitude.
* Please follow [[ATC best practices]].

=== Flightplans ===
Though this is not mandatory, all pilots are encouraged to file flightplans on [ Lenny's website].

=== ATC scheduling ===
To apply for an ATC position, create a new session on [ Lenny's website].


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