The Festival of FlightGear, November 2014

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This article is outdated but is kept for historical reference.

This is a concluded FlightGear event
See also the discussion page.

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The Festival of FlightGear will be a multiplayer event hosted in conjunction with FSweekend 2014 (November 1st-2nd) and taking place in the Iberian Peninsula.

This 48-hour event, originally proposed by METAL, will feature a variety of scenarios to appeal to a big variety of players – from pilots going for absolute realism to casual flyers. It will also be an occasion to welcome new players to the FlightGear world.


During this fly-in several themed events (mini games) will be held. The games can take place at any time during the 48-hour period; slots can be reserved by posting on this forum thread and will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

The following table lists all confirmed mini-events so far:

Title Time (UTC) Airport Required aircraft/theme Details
The Pond Racer Pow-wow[1] Sat, 14:00–16:00 A Coruña (LECO) – to be confirmed Rutan Pond Racer Pilots will take three laps (each approx. 85 NM long), the exact route will be published soon. Fastest time in completing the laps wins. There will be a designated timekeeper for the race who will start the stopwatch at GO and mark time as each pilot crosses the finish line. In case of game crashes, a pilot will be allowed to restart his lap without time penalties; if a pilot crashes his aircraft on terrain, he's out.

Airport classification map

KL-666 has provided an interactive map of all builtup airports categorized by available navaids and accessibility.

  • Green marked airports are accessible by large jets (like the 747), yellow marked airports can be used by medium jets (like the 737), red marked airports are accessible to general aviation aircraft only.
  • Diamond markers denote that ILS is available; square markers denote that only a VOR is available; star markers denote that only an NDB is available; circle markers signal that no navaids are present.

Controlled airports

Several airports will be manned to provide a realistic environment; check the exact times on Lenny's website.

Voice communication (held exclusively via Mumble, server: is preferred; text chat will be offered as a backup service.

Level-D files for the Route Manager, ground networks/parking positions and OpenRadar maps are available.

We kindly ask pilots flying there to follow these guidelines to make this experience enjoyable for everyone.

  • You must not start on a runway; start FlightGear, taxi to the apron and connect to the multiplayer servers only at that point.
  • You must request appropriate clearances (be authorized by ATC) to taxi, takeoff, land at an airport and you will be expected to follow them promptly.
  • You will be expected to communicate using at least basic ICAO phraseology - see the ATC phraseology and the ATC Tutorial wiki pages.
  • You must be able to taxi, takeoff, land, maintain an assigned heading/speed/altitude.
  • You will be expected to carry aeronautical charts – the set we're going to use is the latest official one (AIP Spain). Make also sure to follow ATC best practices.


Though this is not mandatory, all pilots are encouraged to file flightplans on Lenny's website.

See Flight planning to learn how to file a flightplan.

ATC scheduling

To apply for an ATC position, make sure you:

  1. will be able to provide voice service;
  2. know ICAO phraseology and procedures very well (see ATC phraseology and ATC Tutorial);
  3. can handle stressful situations and be always polite and patient;
  4. can man your position for at least two (uninterrupted) hours;

then download the OpenRadar files, create a new session on Lenny's website and update this wiki page if possible.

Note  Make sure to check Lenny's website for any last minute schedule changes.
Time (UTC) Airport Controllers
Sat, 00:00–02:00 Barcelona El Prat (LEBL)
Sat, 00:00–02:00 Madrid Quatro Vientos (LECU)
Sat, 13:10–15:10 Palma de Mallorca (LEPA)
  • J Maverick (Tower+Ground)
Sat, 17:00–23:00 Bilbao Airport(LEBB)
Sat, 19:00–23:00 Barcelona El Prat (LEBL)
  • J Maverick (Tower)
  • ElGaton (Ground)
  • IAHM-COL (Center)
Sat, 19:00–23:00 Madrid Quatro Vientos (LECU)
Sat, 19:00–21:00 Madrid Barajas (LEMD)
Sun, 13:10–15:10 Palma de Mallorca (LEPA)
  • J Maverick (Tower+Ground)
Sun, 19:00–23:00 Barcelona El Prat (LEBL)
  • J Maverick (Tower)
  • ElGaton (Ground)
  • IAHM-COL (Center)
Sun, 19:00–23:00 Madrid Quatro Vientos (LECU)