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The pilot list dialog.

The Pilot List dialog (Main Menu > Multiplayer > Pilot List) shows some data for the multiplayer pilots within chat range (normally 100 NM).

It can be useful when trying to find or identify nearby pilots, or when trying to figure out why an aircraft did not show up properly.

In addition it can be used for making trolls disappear by ignoring them, or when adjusting the lag settings.

Check boxes

Each pilot row have three check boxes: view, chat, and ignore.

Will make you jump into another pilot's aircraft and switch the views, just like your own aircraft.
This can be useful for example for viewing other pilots liveries close up, or watching their landings.
It might take a few seconds to load the other aircraft model and surrounding terrain, and the cockpit will not be functional.
Clicking this button (it is actually not an checkbox) will make a chat prompt appear with that pilot's callsign filled in.
Do not feed the trolls, ignore them!
If there is an annoying pilot, ramming you or being mean over the chat, clicking this check box will make him invisible to you.
This is the recommended way to handle trolls.


The default aircraft model, the "infamous glider".

Pilots will be show in one of three colors depending on how an aircraft model was loaded.

The pilot list, showing white, green, and orange rows.
The full model will be loaded as you did have the aircraft installed.
A fallback model, a low poly model of either the same or a similar aircraft, will be loaded as you did not have the aircraft installed but a fallback model was defined.
The default aircraft model, also known as the "infamous glider" , the "yellow and blue glider", or simply the "glider", will be loaded as you did not have the model installed and no fallback model for the aircraft was defined.

Imperial units, lag, and SI (metric) units views

The pilot list have three views that can be switched with the IM|Lag|SI button.

Imperial and SI (metric) units views

In the IM and SI views the aircraft will be listed using either imperial or SI (metric) units.

The pilot list showing imperial units.
The pilot list showing SI (metric) units.

Lag data view

In the Lag data view the dialog will instead of distance and altitude show values useful for tuning multiplayer lag performance: The update frequency in multiplayer packets per second (pps) and the lag in milliseconds (ms).

The pilot list showing lag data.

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