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This page collects the feature proposals for OpenRadar.


  • (by design) Callsign greater than 7 characters, cannot even have ICAO_TWR as callsign. Would like at least 10
(comment ww: The flightgear MP protocol supports only 7 chars (max. 7 chars plus trailing zero equals 8 bytes, see Multiplayer protocol)
Well this should be fixed. What if multiple controllers control with similar callsigns? (E.g. LSZH_APP_EAST,LSZH_APP_WEST)
  • Wider radar range for CTR controllers (FGCom radio & visibility range)
ww:I need to validate, but to my current knowledge, FGCOM is restricted on server side and the contact visibility by the MP server. I thought already about a special mode for CTR, that registers OR as MP server (proxy). Then it would get all contacts worldwide. For FGCOM we could add these special frequencies to the list of frequencies that are available everywhere at the FGCOM server.
  • Controlling multiple airports (CTR controller)
ww: To be able switch some features from airport to airport (METAR, runways, FGCOM, StdRoutes) I need to rework some parts of the application (relocation of OR multiplayer client to new airport, loading of different METAR, runways, routes etc). It would work like an hopping from airport to airport. Something for future releases, I think.
  • ATIS recording feature
ww: Recording and then replay over the ATIS frequency? This might be possible.
mc: Yes. compare with VRC (VatSim Virtual Radar Client), which has a recording option and EuroScope which does generate if from recorded fragments. - Text to speech (Espeak/Festival) integration would be the "tripple-A" feature!1!! ;)
  • Give the fullname of a VOR when going over it with the cursor (MLN = Melun, LGL = L'Aigle) as ATC and pilot use also VOR names in real life. (Do the same for Airports and NDB?)
ww: technically possible, but tooltips disturb usability very much. Please open a thread in forum and discuss is with the users!
  • Traffic counter
  • Allow IAPs to be shown separate to SIDS / STARS

Aircraft/Pilot Flag

  • See assigned flightlevel (according to flightplan)


  • METAR of nearby airports => right click on the METAR lines and define them.


Radar Map

  • separation rings (1000ft in vertical and 500ft in horizontal distance)
  • alerts for collision and speed violations
  • additional deselect button below the map
  • (via Standard routes, have no other data source) Show Restricted, Prohibited and Danger Areas

Route Editing

  • Speed limitation point tag for Elements, similar to the arrows. Requires text for speed. (ww: the attribute text="" is not enough?)
  • Loop - allow standard / non-standard loop - e.g.

FGCom Integration

  • Add "set PTT shortcut key" feature
  • Change volume of fgcom channel

ATC Coordination

  • coordinate multiple instances of OpenRadar using a protocol a la VatSim (ww: this will work only for OpenRadar instances, not to ATC-ML, ATC-TOWER etc...)
  • (mp data) see what frequencies other ATC's are using
ww: I transmit the first frequency via FGCOM protocol, but do not display it yet, because the FG frequencies are set to a fix value.
  • Hand-off feature
  • (mp data) See to which frequency the Pilot is connected to (com1 & com2)
ww: the frequency transmitted by FG via MP is not correct, is already implemented in background)
  • See on the map what regions are "controlled" by who (dark grey if an area is controlled, so the ATC knows to whom he can do the handoff)

Missing/incomplete FG MP protocol data

  • Active, tuned in frequency (COM1/COM2): the tuned-in COM frequencies, there is one for COM1, but it is not implemented, it delivers no data
  • MP Chat Unicode support
  • MP Chat private message support

TTS Support

By Legoboyvdlp (talk) 10:32, 20 April 2015 (EDT) Hi. I would like to see in the future TextToSpeech support with the ordinary chatbox, over FGCOM.

  • ATIS- one would say Welcome... TTS in use... Please use (arpt frequency) for ALL services incl. ATIS. A pilot would tune in, and one would listen to their "Hello XXXX ATC" and then one would press a button to auto calculate what the ATIS is IRL or define your own by typing or a dialog box

One would use the . Commands and it would "talk" over FGCOM possible?