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Downloading and Installing Netbeans

NetBeans is a multi-platform IDE or Integrated Development Environment. It supports several programming languages, C and C++ among them.

Detailed Instructions

There are two things to download, each with a set of choices:


Java Development Kit (JDK)

You can download the jdk from


You can find netbeans for your platform at

You can either choose the full suite (~200 MB) or just the C/C++ bundle which is about 50 MB.

There is also a download for the JDK and Netbeans together at 174 MB. I'm not sure what's in it.


JDK and NetBeans installations are straight forward. Install them so they can be used by multiple users on your PC. Choose a directory to be accessed by multiple users for the reasons discussed here: Suggested Directories or Folders (for building different versions of FlightGear).


mkdir /opt/java
chmod 755 /opt/java
cd /opt/java
mv ~/Downloads/jdk* /opt/java
mv ~/Downloads/netbeans* /opt/java
tar -xzvf jdk*.gz

Mac OS


Note: This page supports Howto: Build FlightGear with NetBeans using CMake