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The on-screen help for the multi-key commands.

FlightGear have a set of useful vi-like multi-key commands that can be used to change some settings quicker than if going through the menus.

Basic keys

All multi-key sequence starts with :

:Tab toggles on-screen command help

Enter sends the command

esc cancels the command

Some useful commands

Sequence Use
:Da Autopilot settings dialog
:Df Fuel & weight dialog
:Dm Multiplayer pilot list dialog
:Dpa Position aircraft in air dialog
:Dr Radio settings dialog
:Ds Sound settings dialog
:Dt Time settings dialog
:Ewsf Set fair weather
:Ewsm Set METAR (live) weather
:Etc Timeofday: clock time
:Etn Timeofday: noon
:Pg ICAO Position aircraft at airport + optional runway number
:Yf/ Fog off
:fat0 Flight controls: aileron trim 0
:fet0 Flight controls: elevator trim 0
:fia Flight controls: reset all 3 trims
:rn1f110.50 Radio: set nav1 radio to 110.50MHz

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