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The model-combined effect uses the "uber-shader" to provide any or all of diffuse, light-map, reflection, bump-mapping and dirt effects on the model on which it is applied.

Before this shader was available only one effect at a time could be used.


Do not in any situation use the normal-map enabled effect on objects that are either or both

  • Not completely uv-mapped to a texture.
  • Without that texture available at runtime.

FlightGear will crash with a segfault if the binormal/tangent generator fails to find this texture information at runtime.

When are the effects used


Newer versions of the shader do not respond to the quality settings anymore, since there is no real benefit, compared to just turning the shader on and off.

The shader is turned off with Model slider to the left, turned on with full functionality for any other position of the Model slider.

The features can be turned on/off as needed for the desired material appearance via configuration of the effect parameters.

The effect responds to the quality setting of the Model slider in the advanced shader configuration, in the following order:

Model slider setting Effects used (if available)
Light-map and dirt Reflection Bump-mapping
Lowest quality Yes No No
Medium quality Yes Yes No
Highest quality Yes Yes Yes

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