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About Matrix

Matrix is an open standard communication protocol. It is used for, among other things, group chats, direct messages, sharing files and images.

It can be used as a real alternative to other group chats solutions. Some Matrix clients work in a similar way Discord and Slack do.

Conversations are separated in rooms in a similar fashion to Discord channels, and “Servers” are called “Spaces”.

Official FlightGear Matrix Room

The FlightGear team created an official room called FlightGear (Official), which is bridged to the official FlightGear IRC channel.

Joining the room

If you already have a Matrix client and are already connected, you can use the command below to join the room.


Matrix Clients

Connecting to Matrix

There are many ways to connect and chat in Matrix. There are lightweight, text only, console-based clients that are very similar to IRC and there are feature-rich desktop and web-based clients that resemble solutions like Discord and Slack but offer more features and for free.

See a more comprehensive list of clients here.

Matrix Clients

gomuks a console only matrix client written in Go.

Cinny is a Matrix web client where you can enjoy the conversation using a simple, elegant and secure interface.

Element is a glossy web, desktop and mobile client with an emphasis on performance and usability.

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