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The FlightGear IRC Network is an online system that will allow you to talk to a lot of people around the world and is related to everything about FlightGear. It's mostly used by developers, but it is also a good place to ask for help if you are having a question.

Connecting to the network

It consists of localised servers that are all linked up to form a seamless chat network so if you are based in England you would connect to a nearby server in England and you would see exactly the same people as someone connecting to a server in the USA.

To connect to the IRCnet network you first need a suitable client. You can also use XChat (Linux and Windows), X-Chat Aqua (X Chat Mac), Pidgin, Colloquy (for Mac/iOS), mIRC, Konversation or any other client.

When you first login to the network you must pick yourself a unique nickname for the current chat session. Nicknames can be up to 31 characters in length and contain numbers and some punctuation characters. Some examples of nicknames you can use are:

  • Fred
  • BIG_fred
  • ^Fred^
  • Fred-
  • ^Fred
  • fred007

It doesn't matter about capital or lower case letters in the nickname since they are treated the same when people want to contact you and there are some weird and obscure rules about nicknames such as them not being able to begin with a "-" character. Most of these rules have no rhyme nor reason to them but we didn't write the software, we just have to try and tell people how to use it. Have an experiment and see what suits you best.

Once you found your personal unique nickname you may want to register it with NickServ (see below).

Official hosts

Host Location
de.irc.flightgear.org Germany
irc.flightgear.org currently an alias for de.irc.flightgear.org

The port to connect to is 6667 (or 6659 for SSL) for each server.

These servers are interconnected to form the FlightGear IRC network. Please choose the host closest to you geographically.

The FlightGear IRC network has several channels, some of which are listed below. To obtain a real list, use the IRC command "/list".

Channel Use
#flightgear Main channel (English)
#flightgear-blender Blender
#flightgearFR FlightGear Channel for French Speaking
#flightgearIT FlightGear Channel for Italian Speaking
#flightgearNL FlightGear Channel for Dutch Speaking
#flightgearPL FlightGear Channel for Polish Speaking
#fg_school Flight School
#fgms fgms related stuff
#airliners IFR Navigation Squawk
#fg_canteen Off topic community
#fg-ru Russian Flightgear Community
#wiki Wiki
#flightgear-forum Forum
#help general help on IRC
#staffers Server Admins
#flyingclub FlightGear Flying Club

Network Services


NickServ allows you to "register" a nickname and prevent others from using it. The following commands allow for registration and maintenance of nicknames; to use them, type

/msg NickServ COMMAND

For more information on a specific command, type

/msg NickServ HELP COMMAND

Some of the common commands are:

Command Purpose
REGISTER Registers a nickname.
GROUP Adds a nickname to your account.
IDENTIFY Identifies to services for a nickname.
GHOST Reclaims use of a nickname.

This service is intended to provide a way for IRC users to ensure their identity is not compromised. It is not intended to facilitate "stealing" of nicknames or other malicious actions. Abuse of NickServ will result in, at minimum, loss of the abused nickname(s).


ChanServ allows you to register and control various aspects of channels. ChanServ can often prevent malicious users from "taking over" channels by limiting who is allowed channel operator privileges. Some available commands are listed below; to use them, type

/msg ChanServ COMMAND

For more information on a specific command, type:

/msg ChanServ HELP COMMAND
Command Purpose
REGISTER Registers a channel.
RECOVER Regain control of your channel.
FLAGS Manipulates specific permissions on a channel.


MemoServ is a utility allowing IRC users to send short messages to other IRC users, whether they are online at the time or not. Both the sender's nickname and the target nickname must be registered in order to send a memo.

MemoServ's commands include:

Command Purpose
READ Reads a memo.
SEND Sends a memo to a user.
SENDGROUP Sends a memo to all members on a group.
SENDOPS Sends a memo to all ops on a channel.
DELETE Deletes memos.

For help on any of the above commands, type:

/msg MemoServ HELP COMMAND

To see a list of all available MemoServ commands, type:

/msg MemoServ HELP


HostServ allows users to request a virtual hostname. Normally we only allow IPs to be shown on a users connection (so no dns lookups are made upon a new connection). To hide your host to other users you are free to select a vhost from a predefined list (or a uniquely requested one) via hostserv. In that case your selected hostname will be shown to others instead of your real IP.

To see the list of all available commands, type:

/msg HostServ HELP

Some commands of interest are:

IRC Command Purpose
OFFERLIST Lists all available vhosts.
TAKE Take an offered vhost for use.
REQUEST Requests new virtual hostname for current nick.

For further help type /msg SERVICE help (replace SERVICE with the name of the service)

Other hosts

Network Channel Description
irc.freenode.net #flightgear Only for emergencies.

How to get in there with ChatZilla

ChatZilla Client area

When using ChatZilla, go to your Mozilla/Firefox browser and enter irc://mpserver12.flightgear.org. When ChatZilla has connected to the host, click "IRC" and "Join channel...". Pick the preferred channel.

To get directly to the main channel with ChatZilla, you can also enter irc://mpserver12.flightgear.org/flightgear in your browser.

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