Kassel Airport

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Kassel Airport
908 feet
908 feet
Type Public
Owner Flughafen GmbH Kassel
City Kassel
Runway Length Material
09/27 2500 m Asphalt
TerraSync not available

Kassel Airport (german: "Flughafen Kassel", formerly: "Flughafen Kassel-Calden"), is a small international airport near the city of Kassel, Germany.


The airfield initially opened in 1924 and Lufthansa started operating flights from and to Kassel in 1926 until the Great Depression. In 1970 the airport was eventually rebuilt and reopened as "Flughafen Kassel". It was critisized for being unnecessary, too expensive and, with bad infrastructure, difficult to operate. During the 1970s, some carriers started to operate from Kassel to domestic and holiday destinations in southern Europe. The first Boeing 737 landed at Kassel in 2000, but the service to PMI was suspended two years later.

Surrounding Airports such as Paderborn/Lippstadt and Erfurt-Weimar were more ambitious and generated more profit so it was decided to plan a completely new regional airport right next to the existing airfield. The construction was finished, three years late, in April 2013 with the first touchdown of a Germania A319. Costs were more than €100M higher than expected in 2003.

Present use

The airport is a hub for GA flights in mid Germany and business-charter airlines such as Businesswings and Star Wings Dortmund. Most flights were operated by Germania, which went bankrupt in early 2019. Other temporarily operators to Kassel were Aegean Airlines, Croatia Airlines and Tailwind Airlines. In 2017, Bin Air and Amazon started freight services to the UK and Poland, as well as Leipzig/Halle.

Kassel in FGFS

In 2021, D-SVEN started work on Kassel and the Sauerland region. The new airport was first included in a custom scenery and received custom buildings such as the tower, terminal as well as the Piper maintenance hangars. The old airport was marked closed but can still be flown in/out of. The finished airport, as well as the surrounding airfields and gliderspots are part of the Kassel custom scenery.

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