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Just as you can output logging with Flightgear, you can also do it with JSBSim. Just add the OUTPUT section to your main JSBSim file.

OUTPUT section definition

The following specifies the way that JSBSim writes out data.

   NAME is the filename you want the output to go to
   TYPE can be:
     CSV         Comma separated data. If a filename is supplied then the
                 data goes to that file. If "COUT" or "cout" is specified, the
                 data goes to stdout. If the filename is a null filename the
                 data goes to stdout, as well.
     SOCKET      Will eventually send data to a socket output, where NAME
                 would then be the IP address of the machine the data should
                 be sent to. DON'T USE THIS YET!
     FLIGHTGEAR  A socket is created for sending binary data packets to
                 an external instance of FlightGear for visuals.  Parameters
                 defining the socket are given on the <output> line.
     TABULAR     Columnar data.
     TERMINAL    Output to terminal. NOT IMPLEMENTED YET!
     NONE        Specifies to do nothing. This setting makes it easy to turn on and
                 off the data output without having to mess with anything else.
<output name="localhost" type="FLIGHTGEAR" port="5500" protocol="tcp" rate="10"/>
<output name="B737_datalog.csv" type="CSV" rate="20">
   <property> velocities/vc-kts </property>
   <velocities> ON </velocities>
   The arguments that can be supplied, currently, are:
   RATE_IN_HZ  An integer rate in times-per-second that the data is output. This
               value may not be *exactly* what you want, due to the dependence
               on dt, the cycle rate for the FDM.
   NAME        If CSV, it can be relative or absolute path to the logging file.
   The following parameters tell which subsystems of data to output:
    simulation       ON|OFF
    atmosphere       ON|OFF
    massprops        ON|OFF
    aerosurfaces     ON|OFF
    rates            ON|OFF
    velocities       ON|OFF
    forces           ON|OFF
    moments          ON|OFF
    position         ON|OFF
    coefficients     ON|OFF
    ground_reactions ON|OFF
    fcs              ON|OFF
    propulsion       ON|OFF

NOTE that Time is always output with the data.

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