Howto:Use multiple screens under linux

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This Howto explains how to get FlightGear running over multiple screens on Linux. Like so often on Linux, there are multiple ways to get something working. This is just a way, that worked for me.

Using i3 window manager

  • First of all, you have to install the i3 window manager using your package manager (or, at your choice, from source).
  • When running i3 for the first time, you'll be asked if you want it to create a config file for you and what key (Alt or Win) you want to use as mod key. Confirm the creation of the config file. (In this Howto I assume, that the Win key is used as mod key)
  • Edit the config file, usually located in '~/.config/i3/config', with the text editor of your choice.
  • Add following line: 'bindsym $mod+Shift+f fullscreen toggle global' (You can use any other combination as well as long as it doesn't already exists.)
  • Now reload the config (easiest way to do so is to press Win+Shift+r).
  • Now it's time to start FlightGear using the terminal (Win+Enter) or the dmenu (Win+d). When it has started, press Win+Shift+f and here you go (you may have to zoom out with Shift+x to get a propper field of view).

If it happens that the screens are in the wrong order, use the following steps to fix.

  • Open a terminal and run 'xrandr' to list all your outputs. Outputs with resolution information are connected.
  • Now you have to set the relative position of the screens with 'xrandr --output <output> --left-of <output>' and 'xrandr --output <output> --right-of <output>'. Here you have to play a bit around since every system is different (The changes are not permanent so you just have to log out and in again to reset).
  • When you have figured out, which command (or with more than two screens, commands) work for you, add the following line to the i3 config file: 'exec <your command>' (multiple times when you needed more than one command). This way it doesn't change anything to your usually used window manager.

Feel free to add your way.