Howto:Add an EFIS to your aircraft

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This article shall give an overview of how to add a canvas based EFIS to an airliner.

Introduction / recommended reading

For an introduction to Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) please read the EFIS and EICAS article on Wikipedia.

Things you should probably have read about:

High level workflow overview

It is assumed that you have an existing aircraft and you wish to add a canvas/nasal based EFIS to it.

You will roughly have to perform the following steps:

  • Create a 3D model for your display unit(s), e.g. in Blender.
  • Add this display units as needed into your 3D cockpit (edit some model XML files)
  • Create SVG images for the different EICAS pages (e.g. with inkscape)
  • Include the Canvas EFIS Framework into your aircraft and configure it
  • Add nasal code for animating the pages