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These are basic instructions about how to fly the 737-300 in FlightGear 2.0.0 and if not mentioned different, from the Download page.

As the development of this aircraft goes on, it might be helpful. All procedures are based on real ones as far I could find them out and are tested in FGFS 2.0.0. Only the functions of the AP are different to the real one. (like Autothrust etc.)

We use the 2d-panel as the 3d one is not working full yet


Luckily the engines are already running! So make sure you are sitting on 28R in KSFO. Usually you start from the terminal or Apron- but hey, we are in a sim!

The first thing we do, we check weight and balance. Per Default the aircraft in FGFS is accidently overweighted. Maximum Takeoff weight is 38500lbs. So set the amount of fuel lower so we will get 132000lbs.

Every aircraft has to be trimmed correct, so the 737-300 as well. Trim the aircraft a bit Nose-up. As we don't have any Trim Display use the HUD and set the trim nose-up to 1/3.

Set the flaps to 5 (3 notches) Now we have to figure out our speeds we need. The Aircraft Help with the F10 key-> Help will give us the right numbers. So for 32000lbs and flaps 5 we have V1= 147 Vr= 148 V2= 154

V1 is the decision speed, after that we have to continue our take-off. Vr is the speed when we can pull the yoke and the nosegear starts to get free V2 is the safe speed when we can climb, even with only one engine.

Set your autopilot:

Heading: 280

Altitude: 4000


We have everything we need now, so we start. Release the parking brakes, Power up the engines to 40%N1, check if both engines are stable and shows the same value, then 96%-100%N1.

The Aircraft begins to acclerate, keep the aircraft centered on the white middle line; at 80kn IAS crosscheck your ASI's. When reaching Vr pull the yoke slowly to 8-10degrees pitch, 3-5 seconds later you will be airborne! Gratulations!

Keep this pitch and heading, when VSI shows positive climb rate, retract Gears.

Now you can arm Autothrust and Speed to V2+25=179. Engage AP and then engage Heading and Altitude Hold. We are now climbing towards the pacific ocean. When reached 179kn IAS set Autspeed to 250kn and at 190kn begin to retract flaps.

Don't forget to set your trim after takeoff, so elevator is neutral. The next release of the 737-300 will have Autotrim.