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Files can be upload via the upload wizard. Please pay attention to the guidelines mentioned.

Required actions


Screenshots taken in FlightGear are automatically numbered like fgfs-screen-125.png. When other wiki editors are searching for images to add to their articles, they will not find images with such names! Therefore it is very important to give your file a descriptive title.

Although it is image dependent, several rules of thumb can be used:

  • When an aircraft is visible on the image, add its name.
  • If the picture shows an airport, either add the full name of the airport, or the ICAO code (e.g. KSFO).

Some examples of descriptive titles:

  • Cessna 172 over Hawaii at noon.png
  • Boeing 737-300 takeoff at KSFO.png
  • FGRun settings for FGCom.png
  • Nimitz carrier in the San Francisco bay.png

Always separate words with spaces (so San Francisco, instead of SanFrancisco), else they won't show up on searches.


Although descriptive titles will help in finding images, it is sometimes wise to group a number of files together in a category. All image categories are subcategories of Category:Images. One image may be listed in several categories.

See Help:Categories for more information on using categories and FlightGear wiki:FlightGear screenshot categories.


Always add the file information template to your file. This templates allows you to specify some information about the file, like author, source and a short description. See the template's page for extensive instructions on how to use it.

If you use the upload wizard, you will be presented with a form asking for all the details.

{{File information
|Description = A Cessna 172 flying over Hawaii at noon with [[CORINE]] scenery
|Source      = {{own}}
|Date        = 2024-04-14
|Author      = [[User:Author|Author]]


If it is enitrely your own work and not copied from some other source, add the following code. Screenshots you took in FlightGear are your own work.


You are free to choose a license, e.g. the GNU Free Documentation License:


If it is not your own work, just add the corresponding license, like:


See Help:Copyright tags for a complete list of available licenses.


File:Boeing e-3a crosswind landing.jpg is a file originally uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. It was uploaded to the FlightGear wiki with the following summary:

== Summary ==
{{File information
|Description = NATO [[E-3 Sentry|Boeing E-3A]] AWACS crosswind landing.
|Source      =
|Date        = 2007-06
|Author      = Arcturus

== Licensing ==