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Three main navigation elements are available on every FlightGear wiki page (from top to bottom):

  • The user links on the top right. These are related to your account (if you have one)
  • The page tabs on top of the content of the page. These for example links to the discussion page and the revision history.
  • The sidebar to the top left, links to various tools and links to other language versions of a page.

While there are two ways to view wiki pages, the desktop view and the mobile view, we will go through the desktop view here as the mobile view hides many features for the sake of simplicity. The features are described as seen with the default Vector skin.

User links

The user links for a logged in user

If you have an account and is logged in the user links to the very top right are related to you user account:

Your user page
Your user page, where you are encouraged to describe who you are and what ambitions you have on the wiki.
You can also add subpages to your user page with for example drafts and other wiki projects.
You user discussion page, where other users may be able to take contact with you.
If your discussion page have been edited by someone else, you will get a notice the next time you log in or load another wiki page.
You can also optionally configure your preferences so that you will receive an email if your discussion page have been edited.
Your wiki preferences, where you can adjust and customize some settings.
Your watchlist, which list changes on pages you have "starred" and are watching.
A summary of your contributions and uploads to the wiki.
Log out
Through which you log out from your account.

Page tabs

The page tabs for a logged in admin (who can additionally delete and protect pages)

On top of the page content there is a set of tabs:

An article or page tab
For viewing the article if you are on another tab or for going directly to the page if you have been redirected.
The page tab also gives an indication about what kind of page you are on.
A discussion tab
With the discussion page for a wiki page or a user.
A read tab
With the exact same function as the page tab
An edit or source tab
Which will allow you to edit a page on the wiki when logged in or see the page source if not.
A history tab
Which will show the edit history for a wiki page.
A star tab
That will add or remove a page to or from your watchlist.
A more tab
With some more functions, in particular a function to move pages (in essence renaming them). Wiki admins also have a protect and a delete function.


The sidebar

To the near top left is the sidebar with:

Navigation links
To some pages deemed important enough to link to from every page:
The main page of the wiki
Where you end up when going to
The recent changes page
Listing all the latest changes on the wiki
A random article
The village pump
The village pump is the page for wiki discussion not related to a particular page or user.
The summary of help pages
The portal pages
FlightGear web sites
Slightly dependent on the type of page you are viewing
  • A summary of pages linking to the page you are viewing
  • A summary of edits related to the page you are viewing
  • The upload wizard
  • A set of special pages, with information on pages, categories, files and users
  • A more printer-friendly version of the page
  • A link to the current revision of the page you are viewing.
  • Information about the page you are viewing
Language links
To versions of the page in other languages

Category links

Category link at the bottom of a wiki page

Categories will make it easier to navigate between related pages or images. If a page have been categorized it will have links to the associated category pages at the bottom of the page. The category pages lists categories, pages and files in that category, and will have links to any parent categories.