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Follow Me e-tron
Preview-etron 4.0.jpg
Type Automobile, Utility vehicle
FlightGear China
  • 梁思地 Sidi Liang
  • 罗启元 Qiyuan Luo
  • ValKmjolnir
  • 李维昊 Weihao Lee
  • Marsdolphin
--aircraft= followmeEV
Status Production
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Supports Tutorials
 Website The website for the Follow Me e-tron developments.
 Repository The development repository of the Follow Me e-tron.
Download Download the Follow Me e-tron aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).
Forum 'Follow Me e-tron' topic on the FlightGear forum.
License GPLv2

The Follow me e-tron or Follow me EV is a semi-fictional Follow-me vehicle based on Gijs's work, but an electric-powered version with Chinese characteristics. It was made just for fun.

At its core is a realistic electric engine, meticulously programmed in Nasal, complemented by a detailed electrical system, also written in Nasal. For driving assistance, it includes an advanced steering helper and unique systems like 'AutoCrash' and 'AutoSpeed'. The vehicle's functionality is further enhanced with an Auto Hold feature, parking radar, and working airbags. It also experiments with an Advanced Emergency Braking (AEB) system.

The interior of the Follow me EV is highly customizable, offering several fully remodeled interiors with operational switches. Users can choose from various instrument styles, including a Canvas glass display instrument tailored for specific interior designs.

For personalization, the Follow me EV offers selectable license plates in a Chinese style and a variety of liveries. It is fully equipped for multiplayer interaction, supporting multiplayer passengers, dynamic scenery object placement, and management.

A standout feature is its limo variant, adding a touch of luxury and uniqueness.

These features collectively make the Follow me EV a pioneering model in the FlightGear universe, combining realism, customization, and innovation.


Being the very first electric car in FlightGear, the Follow me e-tron features a realistic electric supercar driving experience while having an exterior of the classic Renault Kangoo I Follow me vehicle.

Screenshot of the FollowmeEV in Guangzhou
  • Realistic electric engine written in Nasal.
  • Detailed electrical system written in Nasal.
  • Advanced steering helper (experimental)
  • 'AutoCrash' system, which tries its best to keep you on the road.
  • 'AutoSpeed' system, which keeps your speed constant.
  • Auto Hold function
  • Parking radar that detects terrain and alerts driver.
  • Working airbags.
  • Experimental AEB system.
  • Configurable interior with several fully remodeled interior and working switches.
  • Configurable instruments with several styles to choose from.
  • Canvas glass display instrument for certain interior styles
  • Compositor light support.
  • Selectable license plate in Chinese style.
  • Various of liveries
  • Various of messages
  • Full multiplayer support.
  • Multiplayer passenger.
  • Dynamic scenery object placement and management
  • Limo variant
  • Tutorials support in different languages
  • Different interior styles to choose from.
  • Save / Resume function.



The Follow me EV is currently released as v5.2.

Change Log

V5.2 Updates:

  • The advanced steering received a major update and renamed to realistic steering, adapted the Pacejka tire model into the calculation which should provide more realism.
  • Various bug fixes and optimization.
  • Improved aircraft help and documentation.
  • Added drifting sound.
  • New splash screen images.
  • New preview image.

V5.1 Updates:

  • Major improvements to the reset function
  • Bug fixes and improvements

V5.0 Updates:

  • Added an option to adjust brake intensity for keyboard control
  • Further tuned engine and fixed the bug related to gear changing
  • New liveries: Blackwhite, C919 Memorial
  • Interior updates
  • New magic bush tyre option for driving on killer grass
  • New interior: 404Design 2.0, 404Design 2022 and Luxury 2.0
  • New charging pile
  • Exterior model improvements, especially on charging cap, wheels and doors
  • Added rear plate with multiplayer support
  • Improvements on sounds
  • Added option to re-enable ALS procedural lights
  • Default interior switched to 404Design
  • Added door warnings for smart instruments
  • General improvements, cleanups and bug fixes

V4.0 New Features:

  • Added a limo varient
  • New texture selector which works better under multiplayer
  • New interior style: Race, 404Design
  • New canvas glass display instrument for 404Design Interior
  • New dynamic scenery object system
  • New models for service station, toll gates, etc
  • Added reverse indicator light

Updates and improvements:

  • Major updates to the UV
  • Major update to the Engine & electrical systems, (much) more realistic performance
  • FDM improvements
  • AEB improvements
  • Minor texture and exterior/interior model updates
  • Sounds updates
  • Added multiplayer model detection support to radar(and AEB which relies on the radar)
  • Many bug fixes

Changes after v4.0 alpha:

  • Added battery remaining display
  • Improvements to Nasal performance
  • Huge bug fixes to the electrical system
  • Many minor bug fixes
  • Added option to adjust steering

Changes after v4.0 beta.1:

  • Added error message to the smart instruments after the battery is drained
  • Bug fixes

Changes after v4.0 beta.2:

  • Bug fixes

V3.0 New Features:

  • Configurable interior with several fully remodeled interior and working switches
  • Functioning Airbags
  • Experimental AEB system
  • Experimental compositor light support
  • Auto Hold function
  • Save / Resume
  • New tutorials


  • Electrical system
  • Brake system
  • Sounds
  • Effects
  • Several bugs fixed


Updated features:

  • Updated interior
  • Exterior improvements
  • Autospeed system
  • New experimental steering system
  • Parking radar system
  • Sound improvements
  • FDM improvements
  • Liveries updates
  • Tons of bug fixes


Initial Release


Note: The figures below was measured before the v4.0 release. The entire engine received an update in the v4.0 release and the performance is now way more realistic.

Top speed:



Accelerate up to:

 100km/h: 2.48 seconds
 200km/h: 7.20 seconds


Electricity usage:

 ---km/charge  (Yet to be determined)


Newer Versions

Earlier Versions

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