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Preparing for takeoff during one event (note the diversity of aircraft present)

The FlightGear Flying Club is a collection of FG enthusiasts who band together and fly impromptu flights and organize more formal get-togethers which are announced on the FlightGear Forum and on various IRC channels in advance. Virtual fly-ins and training flights are also carried out by the club.

The most regular event is the 'Saturday Night Flyin' - where all users online and available on the #FlyingClub channel on a Saturday evening (UTC) pick an aircraft, pick a destination, and fly there.


To fully enjoy flights, one should be a fairly competent simulation pilot, able to follow a flight plan and navigate in strange territory. It is also recommended that you are capable of flying various different types of aircraft, though most members fly the Aerostar 700. Sorry, no jets or airliners permitted on Club flights. Any prop aircraft capable of maintaining approximately 190 to 220 knots are welcome

Those who wish to join can do so by joining the IRC channel and turning up to events.

IRC Channel

The #FlyingClub IRC channel is on the FlightGear IRC server, currently hosted on mpserver12.flightgear.org. This server has a ChanServ and Nickserv (Channel Server and Nick server) which greatly enhances the IRC experience by controlling the use of IRC nicknames and channels. Those not experienced with IRC, try the FlightGear IRC channel for further tips and information, as well as not forgetting to use the "/help" command!

Club Website

Is currently under construction. Further data to follow.