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This wiki page lists all information related to FlightGear's FSweekend 2018 attendance. FSweekend 2018 will take place on 3 and 4 November at Lelystad Airport - the Netherlands.

Plan for FSweekend 2018

  • Program
  • Stand decoration
    • Better tablecloths (black/nice color, heavy paper) => Isaak
    • Screenshot of the month on posters around the stand (Isaak is collecting high resolution SOTM's and SOTY 2017 and will print them)

Planned improvements for this year's FSweekend

Recommendations based on experience from previous years:

  • Program
    • Preferably 1 presentation in the main projection hall + a scheduled program at the booth (note: the FSweekend organiser already let us know that he won't give us some time in the theatre. This might need some convincing power)
  • Stand decoration
    • Better tablecloths (black/nice color, heavy paper)
    • Big banners (renew the old one)
    • Screenshot of the month on posters around the stand?
    • OS badges on the pc's (Linux/Windows/Mac)
  • Online promotion
    • Advertise more and targeted by country on Facebook/YouTube (not only Dutch audience, but also German, UK...)
  • Promotion on the stand
    • Dutch & English flyers/business cards
    • Setup a crowdfunding action/get some money to buy better stuff (flyers, promo materials, gadgets...). Communicate goals to the funders: if we raise €10 we 'll provide, flyers, for €25 we 'll provide gadgets...
    • Provide USB-sticks where we load an image of FlightGear on, so people can plug & play at home (depends on funding - try to print logo on it) (voluntary donation?)
  • Booth setup
    • Dual control instructor setup
    • Offer family friendly station / program Family theme -->
      • Offer virtual license, provide printer to print them
      • Put up a hall of fame with the names of the licensed visitors in the scenery, e.g. Lelystad
    • Provide a Blender/WED station to let visitors swiftly create and place a building in the scenery or let them paint a livery for an airplane
  • Miscellaneous
    • Language badges (on the name cards)
    • FlightGear decal for possible model plane (Isaak)
    • Screenshot on FlightGear loading screen and/or repository to promote FSweekend
    • Michael contacts Richard Harisson about sharing weather over mp
    • Durk looks into sharing AI-traffic over mp
    • Record presentations on video

Make sure we start early enough with planning, provide a well thought of plan a few months ahead so we have time to prepare and are able to gather the required resources/materials.

Crucial: make sure there are enough people to reduce under-staffing problems -- try and get people motivated to come.

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