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People familiar with Microsoft-based flight simulators, and addons, will typically expect a middleware like FSUIPC to be also required for working with FlightGear (FSUIPC is a mechanism to access simulator internals in FSX/MS FS, XPUIPC for Xplane).

However, FlightGear is open source and normally does not need such a middleware. In fact, most of FlightGear's internals are made accessible in the form of the so called Property tree. Furthermore, the Property Tree can be exposed/accessed via various interfacing mechanisms, such as for example:

  • a built-in web-server
  • a built-in telnet (props) server
  • an XML configurable generic protocol
  • custom binary protocols

(to name just a few).


There have been several more or less complete attempts at creating middleware to turn a fgfs client into a FSUPIC client, i,e, a working framework for allowing add-ons that use FSUIPC to talk to FlightGear. A a client program that will pretend to be Microsoft Flight Simulator from the standpoint of the FSUIPC interface. The code is based on the open source XConnect project that does the same thing for X-Plane.[1]

For details, see: https://github.com/geneb/win-fguipc

It's still VERY much alpha, but it works with the test frameworks that come with the FSUIPC SDK. (FSUIPC is the framework that people use to write add-ons (glass cockpits, etc) for Microsoft Flight Simulator since FS2000 on up to FSX.)[2]


Since FlightGear 2020.4, VATSIM is supported via the Swift client.


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