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This article is outdated but is kept for historical reference.

While a good idea, this idea for a FlightGear addon was eventually given up.
See also the discussion page.

Started in 08/2012
Description Adventures and missions for FlightGear/multiplayer.
Contributor(s) M1ndgames (since 08/2012)
Status Canceled
Subforum [Canceled] FGjobs - Jobs & Airlines Service Tool


To learn more about interfacing FlightGear to web sites (without having to go through the multiplayer protocol) by making HTTP requests via Nasal.


FGJobs is a project that tries to implement a bit of realism into the FlightGear multiplayer Universe. With FGJobs, you can set up flight plans (jobs) and gain points for every successful completion. Note that every event will be triggered by the Player, so no one is forced to take part.


It's currently in pre-alpha stage and will be written in Perl. It won't be a part of FlightGear, but a 3rd party tool designed to work on top of a FlightGear multiplayer server.

Alpha version

The alpha version will supply the following features:

  • registering a nickname with the FGJobs service using current pilot name and providing an email address. (over in-game messages)
  • Mission: Fly from EDDB to EDDM within 60 minutes. (You need to be on EDDB and type !job start)
  • Gain points for successful arrival on EDDM


  • Server backend
    • Connection to the FlightGear Server
    • Interaction with the Player over in-game messages
    • SQL database to store all data
    • user authentication using the SQL database
    • Implement various in-game triggers like !login, !help and such...
  • Game specific
    • Find out how to check a players current position, direction and speed from an "external player" point of view
    • Find out how to to make sure a player started/landed on a defined airfield, possibly even with exact position on the airfield
    • Find out how to check if a player crashed

Beta Version

The beta version will supply the following features:

  • Building a simple website around the SQL database
  • Registering a nickname with the FGJobs service using current pilot name and providing an email address. (over in-game messages or dedicated website)
  • Jobs
    • Any Job can be aborted using the trigger !job cancel. FGJobs will auto-cancel the job if a player leaves the server or if the job timer reaches 0. The timer will be generated by distance to the destination airfield.
    • Random Job: Players can type !job random to get a random destination job within a reasonable distance away from their current location. (Must be on the ground on a airfield)
    • User defined: Players can set up flight plans, for example: Imagine you're on EDDB and you type !job EDDM. Now your job is to fly to EDDM within a certain amount of time. You can earn bonus points if you setup multiple destinations. Example: !job EDDM EDDF EDDL. Now you fly from your current destination to EDDM, then EDDF, then EDDL, and after that, you get extra points for your continued service to the airline.
  • Gain points for every minute you are flying
  • Highscore listing on the website


  • Very, very much

Proposed features for the final release

These features can change all the time, feel free to contribute in the FGJobs thread on the Forums

  • Virtual Airline Management
    • Players can unite in a Virtual Airline and compete with other Virtual Airlines
    • Maybe scheduled flights will be integrated, so Pilots have to fly, or the airline looses points
  • Leveling Feature
    • No Pilot starts in a 380, so maybe it would be a little more realistic if players had to gather points on a smaller scale, like small cargo flights, or "training flights" in a Cessna... etc!


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