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Cquote1.png "Aircraft can and do overrun the ends of runways, sometimes with devastating results. An overrun occurs when an aircraft passes beyond the end of a runway during an aborted takeoff or while landing. Data on aircraft overruns over a 12-year period (1975 to 1987) indicate that approximately 90% of all overruns occur at exit speeds of 70 knots or less and most come to rest between the extended runway edges within 1000 feet of the runway end.


An engineered materials arresting systems (EMAS) is designed to stop an overrunning aircraft by exerting predictable deceleration forces on its landing gear as the EMAS material crushes. It must be designed to minimize the potential for structural damage to aircraft, since such damage could result in injuries to passengers and/or affect the predictability of deceleration forces. An EMAS should be design for a 20-year service life.

An EMAS is located beyond the end of the runway and centered on the extended runway centerline. It will usually begin at some setback distance from the end of the runway to avoid damage due to jet blast and undershoots. This distance will vary depending on the available area and the EMAS materials."


EMAS, how it is marked on airport charts in the U.S.

Here is an example how EMAS is marked at end of runway on airport charts (EMAS at KMDW, Chicago Midway International, RWY 22L, 346 x 170)

Emas marked on chart.png

Examples: Airports with EMAS installed at one or more runways

ICAO Runway Alignment Length Width Latitude Longitude
KLIT 04L 46.51 300.00 168.00 34.738480 -92.217633
KLIT 22R 226.52 262.60 169.70 34.721309 -92.239560
KBUR 08 90.93 170.00 350.00 34.197642 -118.349388
KSAN 27 253.99 315.00 218.00 32.737274 -117.204998
KSBP 11 124.77 300.00 170.00 35.231891 -120.631448
KSBP 29 235.22 312.00 170.00 35.242977 -120.650911
KTEX 09 104.90 291.57 121.50 37.951106 -107.895908
KTEX 27 255.08 291.57 121.50 37.956517 -107.921575
KILG 19 185.08 303.00 170.00 39.668031 -75.603968
PACV 27 245.76 250.00 170.00 60.497246 -145.499157

Source: FAA 15-12-2011, Coordinates (center of device) calculated with estimated displacement on stopway

Prototype at KORH RWY 29 for FlightGear scenery, 300/170

Emas proto korh.png

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