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Documentation compiler
Developed by Ruben De Smet (rubdos)
Written in Python2, pdfLaTeX
Development status Active
Type Documentation generator
License GNU GPL v2

The Documentation compiler is a script that reads FlightGear data such as PropertyList-encoded Aircraft checklists XML files and writes out pdf files using pdfLaTeX. It was first announced on the forum.


The Documentation compiler takes Flightgear data and render a pdf file. It currently handles only aircraft data, but different other things have been suggested.

  • It takes the aircrafts checklists and outputs them to LaTeX
  • It takes the extra LaTeX data in the Docs/ subdirectory of the aircraft and puts it before the checklists.
  • It takes the thumbnail of the aircraft for using it on the titlepage of the documentation.

Current Situation

Cquote1.png For reference, the current Latex creator that parses and packages up all the Docs/README files is available as part of the "getstart" git repository: The specific script is getstart/bin/

I re-run that script for each release and check in the resulting PDF into FGDATA. If you'd like to do so, we could include your script in the getstart repository and I would re-run it for each release as well, so each release would include a set of Aircraft PDF files as well.

— stuart (Sun Jan 11). Re: Automatic documentation generator.
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Feature Requests

Cquote1.png Could you make a specific python script that only displays the checklists? Treat each checklist as a chapter and put each new chapter on a separate page. Perhaps you could also add .pdf files that each contain SIDs and STARs (user has to point your python script to these files or to the directory containing these files) and add them together to your single .pdf file.
— onox (Sun Jan 11). Re: Automatic documentation generator.
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