Dead Simple Human Powered Airplane

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Dead Simple Human Powered Airplane v5
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Type Aircraft, Experimental aircraft, Civil aircraft, Ultralight aircraft
Configuration Monoplane aircraft, High wing aircraft
Propulsion Propeller aircraft
Manufacturer DaSH PA Project
  • Marshall Gusman
  • Wayne Bragg
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Status Not set yet
 Repository The development repository of the Dead Simple Human Powered Airplane v5.
Forum 'Dead Simple Human Powered Airplane v5' topic on the FlightGear forum.
License GPLv2
Wikipedia DaSH PA This is a link to a Wikipedia article

The Dead Simple Human Powered Airplane v5 (DaSH PA v5) is a cycling powered single propeller craft created by a project led by Alex Proudfoot. The DaSH PA project uses this Flightgear craft to train pilots.

Excerpt from the readme (early 2020):

The DaSH PA v5 has well-modelled aerodynamics (from AVL and XROTOR), good estimates of mass and inertias, and a few moving parts.

This is an extremely large (109ft wingspan) and light (90lb empty weight) airplane. Recommend flying in low winds, unless you want achallenge. Try initializing your flight at ~100ft AGL, or with sufficient airspeed to maintain wings-level. Once your tip drags on the runway, it's hard to get flying again without wire-men.

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