Cargo Towing Addon

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Cargo Towing Addon
Developed by Waynne Bragg (wlbragg)
Written in Nasal
Development status Active
Type Addon
License GNU General Public License

The Cargo Towing Addon adds cargo towing capability to any aircraft with some XML editing if load points are not present. A lot of helicopters already have load points defined.

The addon is developed by wlbragg (Wayne Bragg) and uses the soft-body rope physics simulation created by Thorsten Renk.

See the Cargo Towing Addon topic on the forum This is a link to the FlightGear forum. for feedback, github repository and download.

How to use the Cargo Towing Addon, video tutorial by StuartC
Short demonstration by wlbragg
Soft-body rope physics in Flightgear (Alouette III)