Bristol Beaufighter

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Beaufighter TF X
Type Warbird
Author(s) Detlef Faber, AJ MacLeod (3D Instruments)
--aircraft= beaufighter
Status early production

Beaufighters were used throughout WW2 as Night Fighter, Ground Attack and Torpedo Bomber. Early Versions had issues with low longitudinal stability. Later versions introduced the V shaped elevators to overcome this.

Notes to Pilots

The forward view is exeptionally good, but the lack of a fuselage in pilot sight makes it harder to judge the Angle of attack relative to the Horizon.

Make sure the Tailwheel is locked before take off (Strg+l). When unlocked, the tailwheel casters free.

Braking force of the wheels is mixed with rudder input. Applying full right rudder will brake only the right wheel. Braking with neutral rudder brakes both wheels.

The two ring shaped fuel controls are located on the left cockpit side. The red wheel switches between the left main tank and the left auxiliary tank. The green wheel controls the right tanks. The knobs on the wheel indicate the selection. Knob pointing upwards indicates shut off. Knob pointing in flight direction indicates the (small) auxilary tank, knobs downward indicates the main tank (large) selected.

Take off with both main tanks selected, once cruising the auxilary tanks are used up first.


Beaufighter Cockpit
  • 3D Cockpit with Engine and Flight Instruments
  • Startup Procedure and Fuel Tank Selection
  • Radio Operator View
  • Select- and releasable Loadout (Torpedo, Rockets)
  • Livery selection
  • Logo Selection
  • Fuselage Code Selection

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