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pjedvaj's RAH-66 model

To claim the basic bounty, the developer must present a complete and working RAH-66 Comanche aircraft.


Create a realistic RAH-66 Comanche for FlightGear


The aircraft must have a unique and realistic flight dynamics model based on publicly available data. Data that is not available publicly can be replaced by educated guesses as long as those stay realistic. The aircraft must be equipped with functioning SAS CAS and Autohover AFCS. The aircraft must have an exact 3D-model including realistic movable parts, namely main/tail rotor, landing gear, weapons bay doors, optics/sensor platform and cannon. Functional canopy doors are not required but would be welcome.

The aircraft must have a fully modeled 3D-cockpit. Custom gauges would be welcome but are not required. The aircraft must be presented with at least one livery and a paintkit.

A functional cannon and functional hardpoints for missiles including compatibility with Bombable qualify for the additional bounty.

Amendment (2012-01-06, sgofferj): The cannon should be positioned via 2 properties in the property tree which should describe the azimuth and elevation angle and which values should be -180° - 180°, reflected by the values -1.0 - 1.0 for easy control with joystick axes or HeadTrackNoIR. Though the possible values should reach from -180° - 180°, the movement of the cannon should be restricted to the "real" values.


The aircraft must be released as Open Source under the GPL or a compatible license

Claiming the bounty

To claim this bounty, the developer must contact the maintainer and announce the intention to work on this project. The developer then has 2 weeks time to present some progress. Then the task will be assigned to the developer and the assignment documented in the Wiki. When the developer is finished, he/she will contact the maintainer and present the results. The maintainer will together with the other contributors decide, if the result will be accepted and the bounty will be paid. Acceptance or non-acceptance will be documented in the Wiki as well.

Notice: This bounty is split in parts. The full bounty can only be claimed if all parts are fulfilled.

Special notice: You're free to continue the development of pjedvaj's Boeing-Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche to fully claim the bounty.


sgofferj (maintainer) - US$15 for the basic aircraft, US$5 for functioning weapon systems - payable via PayPal - stefan DOT gofferje AT gmx DOT de


Developer contact (30jan2012)

Assigned to Petar Jedvaj (03feb2012)

Petar Jedvaj left (18feb2012)

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