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The Boeing 777 Seattle project, originally started by I-NEMO and Hyde members on the FlightGear forum (and later joined by Jean-Yves), intended to update the current Boeing 777 aircraft. Boeing 777 signifies the aircraft it is modeled after, and Seattle signifies the location of the headquarters of Boeing. The goal of the Boeing 777 Seattle project is to create a more visually and functionally realistic 777 aircraft. It achieved this goal originally by adding and updating

  • A new Handy Viewer panel allowing the user to change views quickly (as well as multiple new views)
  • The Overhead Panel. This was "completely re-modeled and re-textured" with new switches and knobs.
  • The MCP. This was "re-modeled and re-textured". New switches were added and major autopilot revisions were made. Functionality was changed for many buttons and switches on the B777 Seattle's autopilot.
  • EFIS panel, which received "new knobs, and some functional improvements."
  • PFDs, which have "been improved by Hyde, including more consistent info for the Pilot."
  • The Lower EICAS, which now has increased functionality and usage.
  • A new Track Mode, which, when selected, makes the "ND's center match the LNAV course, even with strong side wind."
  • Yokes, which were completely remodeled.
  • The Pedestal, which was "totally remastered; it is now almost consistent with true 777 pedestal." The cockpit received an enormous amount of photo-realistic visual changes.

Quotes and other information received from this forum post.



The official pre-release post, seen here, was created on January 20th, 2014. At this point in time, the pre-release version became available to the public to test out, as a Beta version. This pre-release was extremely heavy and lacking in performance.

Official Release

The frame-rate was increased with some fixes, and the official release post, found here, contained the link to the first stable release, on April 24th, 2014.