Base aerea di Gioia del Colle

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Aeroporto "Antonio Ramirez" di Gioia del Colle
View of Gioia del Colle.
View of Gioia del Colle.
Type Military
Owner Aeronautica Militare Italiana
City Gioia del Colle, Bari, Italy
Runway Length Material
14R/32L 9846 ft Hard
14L/32R 9823 ft Asphalt
TerraSync No

Base aerea di Gioia del Colle (ICAO: LIBV) is an Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare) base located in the province of Bari, Apulia, Italy, located approximately 4 km south-southeast of Gioia del Colle and hosts the 36° Stormo Caccia.


The base of Gioia del Colle assumes his role of airport in 1915, during the World War I. Initially it was a small-sized field intended to shelter aircrafts in the few hangars. In 1917 the airport became the seat of an "Aviation Battalion" and, later, was also used as a school aviators. During World War II the air base was captured by the British Army in October 1943 and used by the United States Army Air Force. It was known as Gioia del Colle Airfield by the Americans. Nowadays, the base is an Italian military facility, home of the 36° Stormo, flying the Eurofighter Typhoon, that replaced between 2007 and 2008 the Panavia Tornado IDS/ADV and the Aermacchi MB-339CD. If necessary, the base is able to host personnel and aircraft of both the Italian Air Force, as well as other nations in NATO.

Technical characteristics






FGCom frequencies

(The following table takes into account some frequencies available only in the current development version.)

TWR 122.450
TWR 2 257.800
GND 369.475
APP 122.100
APP 130.650
APP 2 362.300


GIO 125X, 2.5 NM

GIO 328, 143.0 deg, 2.4 NM

Custom senery


At the end of July 2014, J Maverick 16 proposed on the FlightGear Italia forum to choose an airport that would become the "home" of its members, just like FGUK's airport (EGOD). After months of discussions and a Google+ survey, this airport was chosen by almost everyone. Nowadays, some members are contributing in the development of layout and buildings.


Task Progress Remarks
Runway, beacon, PAPI, Tower 10}% completed Tower position nearly ok, beacons checked, runsways fixed but not yet correct, PAPI not alligned.
Taxiway layouts Not done Not done
Taxi signs Not done Not done
Aprons Not done Not done
Buildings 10}% completed Some have been added in the current version, need to be submitted. Others are in development.
Parking positions and ground net Not done Not done
Comprehensive air base scenery Pending Pending All to do.

Virtual air forces

36° Stormo Virtuale "Con l'Ala Tesa a Gloria o Morte"

The Team Militare "36° Stormo virtuale" whose motto is "Con l'Ala Tesa A Gloria O Morte" ("With The Wing Stretched To Glory Or Death") is a military team which can only be accessed by FGIT's members on the forum. ...

Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale Virtuale "Frecce Tricolori"

The Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale virtuale (PANV, virtual aerobatic team in English) uses the Aermacchi MB-339 aircraft and performs acrobatic flights which can only be accessed by some FGIT's members on the forum. ...

ATC Services

ATC service will be provided sometimes with OpenRadar by forum members during events or similar. Communications are on Mumble or Teamspeak.

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