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Note  As of FlightGear 2020.3.7 LTS, OSM2City scenery is automatically downloaded as you fly, with TerraSync enabled - see 1st world-build of OSM2City. TerraSync is the normal way to download OSM2City.
Note  You should remove old custom sceneries containing OSM2City object folders that are obsolete because of OSM2City on TerraSync. If these sceneries contain folders like Terrain that are not obsolete, you can contact the author or delete OSM2City folders. See Troubleshooting the 1st OSM2City worldbuild.
OSM2City output for Madrid, Spain - 2017.2. See here for more screenshots.

As of FlightGear 2020.3.8 and later, the normal way to get OSM2City is automatic downloads as you fly through TerraSync with the latest version of FlightGear. OSM2City scenery for the whole world has been generated from the objects in the OSM database - see 1st world-build of OSM2City. 2020.3.6 LTS and earlier will not automatically download OSM2City.

This article contains a list of areas having osm2city generated scenery available for manual download. The OSM2City manual describes how to use the sceneries in FlightGear.

Note: You only need to download from this page if: a) your internet connection is limited or, b) you are looking for OSM2City scenery built with different options or a new OSM2City version than the rollout on TerraSync or, c) you are using an old version of FlightGear and can't update to 2020.3.8 LTS or later.

FlightGear Versions

The FlightGear versions mentioned in the tables below indicate compatibility as follows:

Version Compatible FG versions Effects Choose which objects to show Remarks
2020.1 2019.2 x-mas and all newer versions traffic, regionalization yes The big change is the possibility to render the majority of buildings with the FG random buildings shader, which results in faster rendering and depending on the region a factor 4-10 reduction in disk size. Your FG will most probably crash immediately if you use such a scenery with an older FG version.
2017.2 2017.2.2 and all newer versions traffic, regionalization yes

If a table entry specifies both 2017.2 and 2020.1, then it means there is a sub-folder "Buildings_list" within the scenery. By renaming folder "Buildings" to "Buildings_mesh" and then renaming "Buildings_list" to "Buildings" you can transform from 2017.2 to 2020.1 and get the rendering advantages. (There is no requirement for such a folder structure - vanosten might provide some of the sceneries like this for convenience.)

There are older osm2city sceneries around, but there is no reason to use an old FG version: if your computer does not run a newer version, then chances are high that the rendering of osm2city will be poor, too.

Available areas

Announcements of new sceneries should be made in

Download link Area In TerraSync Min. FG version Created Date Created By Project3000[1] Remarks
World Entire World Yes 2020.1 Completed merspieler NOTE: Downloaded automatically in FlightGear 2020.3.7 and later. Requires at least FlightGear 2020.1. See forum thread. See 1st world-build of OSM2City for info and tips on performance.
Iceland The island of Iceland 2017.2 and 2020.1 2020-05-11 vanosten

To see buildings :
Flightgear 2020.1 and later: Rename Buildings_list folder to Buildings for faster buildings
Flightgear 2017.2 and later: Rename Buildings_mesh folder to Buildings

Falkland All islands 2017.2 and 2020.1 2019-12-26 vanosten
Kansas 37-39N, 96-98W 2017.2 and 2020.1 2019-12-24 vanosten Using OWBB_GENERATE_BUILDINGS=True, i.e. placing buildings in plausible places even though no OSM information available.
London London area 2017.2 2019-10-04 legoboyvdlp
Ecuador Entire country 2017.2 2019-07-28
Sweden Entire country 2017.2? 2019-07-28
Hawaii Hawaii main islands [-160.25_18.875_-154.75_22.25] 2017.2 2018-11-18 vanosten March 2017
Holland Most of North and South Holland plus Flevoland in the Netherlands [4_52_6_53] 2017.2 2018-11-16 vanosten March 2017
w060n10 Barbados [bottom=10 left=-60 top=20 right=-50] 2017.2 2017-11-04 dutchguy
w070n10 Eastern Caribbean [bottom=10 left=-70 top=20 right=-60] 2017.2 2017-11-04 dutchguy
LKPR Area around LKPR Prague airport [14-14.75 East, 49.875-50.25 North] 2017.2 2017-10-08 vanosten March 2017
Switzerland Swiss national boundaries 2017.2 2017-05-23 vanosten March 2017
KBOS bottom=59 left=4.5 top=62 right=6 2017.2 2017-05-20 vanosten March 2017
ENBR bottom=42.125 left=-72 top=42.625 right=-70.5 2017.2 2017-05-20 vanosten March 2017
Europe/Spain 2017.2

Old and most probably obsolete sceneries

These sceneries are not supported, the links might be broken and they might not work. The Table is kept just for reference.

Download link Area In TerraSync Forum thread Min. FG version Created Date Created By Project3000[2] Remarks
The Netherlands
Southern UK
African/Canary islands
Europe/Poland 2017.1
Europe/Slovakia 2017.1
Europe/Lithuania 2017.1
Europe/Latvia 2017.1
Europe/Estonia 2017.1
Europe/Bulgaria 2017.1
Europe/Hungary 2017.1
Europe/Romania 2017.1
Us/California 2017.1
  1. Meaning that the scenery was generated respecting objects placed by Project3000, but does not contain it
  2. Meaning that the scenery was generated respecting objects placed by Project3000, but does not contain it