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The Allegro 2000 is an ultralight / light sport aircraft.

Start and Take-Off

Start was acoomplished by the usual set of keys to switch on the magneto and the } key whatever that is for. Pressing 's' turns the propeller over and the throttle is increased from then on.

A Word of caution

The way the flight model is configured, running full throttle with brakes on cause the nose to sink into the runway, melding with the tarmac. Perhaps this was an artifact from the floats model? The cure? release brakes before increasin throttle, and easy on the rudder as the plane may tip over.

In Flight

Climb was decent, it seemed I could achieve over 500fpm. There is lack of instrumentation - only the ASI, VSI and one or two other instruments exist. This leads to both a crisis and an opportunity as the opportunity exists to add more instruments. Roll control was good, there is no accounting for roll forces here, just the response, which is a good thing to be able to seprate the two.


Reducing power and putting down flaps immediately made the airplane 'baloon' and corrective action had to be taken immediately. I am not sure if this happens in the actual airplane, but it keeps you on your toes.


The menu-driven autopilot works in altitude hold, course hold and wings level modes. Other modes were not tested.

Model Quality

The interior of the model, especially the panel, is incomplete. Otherwise the glass shading from inside is realistic, and the model looks like the real thing from outside with its four different liveries, one colorful read one.


A very nice model for training and experiencng flight, needs a good instrument panel and the front needs to be kept from sinking deep into the tarmac on full throttle with brakes.


To be uploaded Openflight (talk) 01:15, 30 October 2015 (EDT)