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This page sets out what is planned for the LTS following 2020.3. For ease of reference, this is referred to as 2022.X, though there is no guarantee that all features listed will be in that release, or that it will be released in 2022!


  • Make CMake 3.6 the minimum required version: this will allow simplifying a bunch of compatibility logic in the build files while fixing OSGText Issues and broken event handling in CompositeViewer Support mode (There were issues with some Linux distributions only having OSG 3.4 in their repos, but we will need to compile OSG with custom flags anyway for the core profile, so it should be fine.[1] ) [2] [3]


Simulator Features


  • World Scenery 3.0
    • Regular terrain mesh with landclass texture draped on top, using Virtual Planet Builder
    • Airports inserted into terrain at runtime so they can be updated without modifying the terrain mesh
    • Line features inserted into terrain at runtime. E.g. roads, railways, rivers
  • STG Support:
    • Mesh radius (improves LOD) 100}% completed
    • TREE_LIST 100}% completed
    • LIGHT_LIST 50}% completed
  • osm2city must have:
    • Mesh radius for LOD 50}% completed
    • LIGHT_LIST 0}% completed
    • TREE_LIST 70}% completed
    • WS3.0 features (e.g. roads, line features) 0}% completed
  • osm2city might have depending on availability of helping hands:
    • New building texturing 0}% completed
    • Aerialways extended to other types than ski lifts 0}% completed
    • Street lights - related to LIGHT_LIST 0}% completed
    • Sports pitches 0}% completed