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List of developed airports

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This page lists airports at which at least one building or taxi signs have been placed, or for which AI traffic has been developed. Airports are only listed here if the respective buildings are represented in the FlightGear Scenery Database. Every improvement listed here can be downloaded using TerraSync. If you are currently developing an airport, please feel free to add it to Airports under construction.

For a list of currently ongoing scenery related projects, please check out Current Scenery Projects.

Note: You can sort the table by clicking one of the Sort none.gif symbols in the row headers.


ICAO Name Country Continent Comment
EDDC Dresden Airport Germany Europe One building: hangar/terminal
EDDF Frankfurt am Main Airport Germany Europe Fully modeled airport with Signs and Interactive Traffic and unique scycrapers downtown
EDDH Hamburg Airport Germany Europe Fully modeled airport, plus unique buildings downtown
EDDI Berlin Tempelhof Airport Germany Europe Fully modeled airport
EDDL Düsseldorf Airport Germany Europe Tower and terminal
EDDP Leipzig/Halle Airport Germany Europe Fully modeled airport with Signs
EDDT Berlin Tegel Airport Germany Europe Tower, terminals, Signs and unique buildings downtown
EDFM Mannheim City Airport Germany Europe Basic models of tower, terminals and hangars
EDHL Lübeck Blankensee Airport Germany Europe Almost complete, home of the Seneca used to model the FlightGear version. A modified tile is available at Torsten's scenery site
EDKB Bonn-Hangelar Airport Germany Europe
EDVE Braunschweig Airport Germany Europe Fully modeled airport
EEKE Kuressaare Airport Estonia Europe
EETN Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport Estonia Europe
EETU Tartu Airport Estonia Europe
EFHF Helsinki-Malmi Airport Finland Europe
EFHK Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Finland Europe
EGFF Cardiff Airport United Kingdom Europe One building: British Airways Maintenance Facility
EGGP Liverpool John Lennon Airport United Kingdom Europe
EGGW London Luton Airport United Kingdom Europe
EGKA Shoreham Airport United Kingdom Europe
EGKK London Gatwick United Kingdom Europe Complete and fully modeled airport to highest level of detail with day and night textures; AI parking and ground network
EGLL London Heathrow Airport United Kingdom Europe Basic development only
EGPH Edinburgh Airport United Kingdom Europe Tower, terminal, park deck, and some shared models
EGSH Norwich Airport United Kingdom Europe
EHAM Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Netherlands Europe Fully modeled airport, bussiest AI airport currently
EHEH Eindhoven Airport Netherlands Europe Basic development only
EHLE Lelystad Airport Netherlands Europe Fully modeled airport
EHVK Volkel Air Base Netherlands Europe
EIDW Dublin Airport Ireland Europe
ENAL Ålesund Airport Norway Europe
ENSD Sandane Airport Norway Europe
ENVA Trondheim Værnes Airport Norway Europe
ESGP Göteborg Airport Sweden Europe Basic development only
KABQ Albuquerque Sunport Airport, NM USA America Basic development only
KATL Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta International Airport, GA USA America Terminal modeled
KAUS Austin-Bergstrom Airport, TX USA America
KBWI Baltimore-Washington International, MD USA America Terminal modeled with jetways, parking garage, and support buildings
KCGS College Park Airport, MD USA America
KDCA Reagan National Airport, VA USA America
KDEN Denver Airport, CO USA America Basic development only
KDTW Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, MI USA America Basic development only
KFHR Friday Harbor Airport, WA USA America
KIND Indianapolis Airport, IN USA America
KJAN Jackson-Evers Airport, MS USA America
KJFK John F. Kennedy International Airport, NY USA America
KLAS Las Vegas McCarran Airport, NV USA America
KLAX Los Angeles International Airport, CA USA America Fully modeled airport
KLSV Nellis Air Force Base, NV USA America Fully modeled airport
KLWT Lewistown Municipal Airport, MT USA America
KMCI Kansas City Airport, MO USA America Basic development only
KMTN Martin State Airport, MD USA America
KNID China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station, CA USA America
KNUQ Moffett Federal Airfield, CA USA America Fully modeled airport
KOAK Oakland International Airport, CA USA America Realistic terminal, currently undergoing maintenance
KORD Chicago O'Hare International Airport, IL USA America
KRNO Reno/Tahoe Airport USA America
KSFO San Francisco International Airport USA America FlightGear's default airport, currently undergoing maintenance
LFPG Charles de Gaulle International Airport France Europe
LFPO Paris-Orly Airport France Europe Fully modeled airport
LFRJ Landivisiau Naval Air Base France Europe Modeled airport with arresting cables
LFSB Basel-Mulhouse Switzerland Europe
LILQ Massa Cinquale Airport Italy Europe
LILV Valbrembo Airport Italy Europe
LIME Orio al Serio Airport, Bergamo Italy Europe
LIML Milano-Linate Italy Europe Fully modeled airport
LOWI Innsbruck Airport Austria Europe
LSGS Sion Airport Switzerland Europe Basic development only
LSZB Bern-Belp Airport Switzerland Europe Basic development only
LSZH Zürich Airport Switzerland Europe Interactive Traffic ready to 30%
PANC Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport USA America
TNCM Princess Juliana International Airport Saint Maarten, Netherlands America Fully modeled, customized terrain