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[[Sopwith Camel]]|SopwithCamel.jpg|
[[Sopwith Camel]]|SopwithCamel.jpg|
[[English Electric Lightning]]||
[[English Electric Lightning]]||
[[De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver|DHC-2 Beaver]]||
[[De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver|DHC-2 Beaver]]|DHC-2.jpg|
[[SZD-9bis Bocian-1E|Bocian 1E]]||
[[SZD-9bis Bocian-1E|Bocian 1E]]||
[[Messerschmitt Bf 109|Bf 109]]||
[[Messerschmitt Bf 109|Bf 109]]||

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For those new to FG, version 1.0 can be downloaded Here, with the default install including a number of aircraft. There are lot more models that can be separately downloaded Here and installed manually. Here are some of the choices before adding more aircraft in a typical installation.

787, B1900D, A-10, Bo 105, P-51D, 172P, J3 , Piper PA34 Seneca II, Piper Cherokee Warrior II (PA28-161), Hawker Seahawk, T-38 Talon, Sopwith Camel, English Electric Lightning, DHC-2 Beaver, Bocian 1E, Bf 109, UFO. (see FlightGear 1.0 table of models for a more extensive listing)


[[File: 787|center|border|180x180px|alt=|787.jpg]]
[[File: B1900D|center|border|180x180px|alt=|BeechcraftB1900D.jpg]]
[[File: A-10 Thunderbolt II|center|border|180x180px|alt=|A-10.jpg]]
[[File: Bo 105|center|border|180x180px|alt=|Bo105.jpg]]
[[File: P-51D|center|border|180x180px|alt=|P51d-mustang.png]]
[[File: Cessna 172P(1982)|center|border|180x180px|alt=|Cessna_172P.jpg]]
[[File: Piper J3 Cub (1946) |center|border|180x180px|alt=|Piper_j3cub.jpg]]
[[File: Piper PA34-200T Seneca II|center|border|180x180px|alt=|Piper_SenecaII.jpg]]
[[File: Piper Cherokee Warrior II (PA28-161)|center|border|180x180px|alt=|Piper_Cherokee_Warrior_II.png]]
[[File: Hawker Seahawk|center|border|180x180px|alt=|Hawker_Seahawk.jpg]]
[[File: T-38 Talon|center|border|180x180px|alt=|Northrop_T-38.jpg]]
[[File: Sopwith Camel|center|border|180x180px|alt=|SopwithCamel.jpg]]
[[File: English Electric Lightning|center|border|180x180px|alt=|]]
[[File: DHC-2 Beaver|center|border|180x180px|alt=|DHC-2.jpg]]
[[File: Bocian 1E|center|border|180x180px|alt=|]]
[[File: Bf 109|center|border|180x180px|alt=|]]



FG names

If you are using the command line to launch FG, here are most of the default aircraft FG names, with description after the ':'. If you have more of the official aircraft installed see FlightGear 1.0 aircraft names for command line or Command Line Parameters for other configuration options commands.

787-ANA: ANA 787-8
787-CO: Continental 787-8
787-FC: First Choice 787-8
A-10: Fairchild A-10 
b1900d: Beechcraft B1900D
bf109g: Messerschmitt BF-109 G14
bo105: Eurocopter Bo105
bocian: Bocian 1E
c172p-2dpanel: Cessna 172P Skyhawk (1981 model), 2D panel
c172p-panel-only: Panel only for IFR-training (Cessna 172P)
c172p: Cessna 172P Skyhawk (1981 model)
dhc2F: de Havilland Beaver - Floats
dhc2W: de Havilland Beaver - Wheels
lightning: English Electric Lightning F.1A
p51d: P-51D
pa24-250-CIIB: Piper Comanche 250 with Century IIB Autopilot
pa24-250: Piper Comanche 250 (1962 model)
pa28-161: Piper Cherokee Warrior II (1979 model)
seahawk: Hawker Seahawk FGA6
sopwithCamel: Sopwith Camel 1F.1 (uiuc)
sopwithCamel-v1-nl-uiuc: Sopwith Camel
sopwithCamel-YASim: Sopwith Camel 1F.1 (YASim)
T38: Northrop T-38
mibs: FG video assistant (the UFO)

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