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This changelog is a draft.

This changelog is currently being written for the FlightGear v2017.2 release. Feel free to help! If you are aware of any FlightGear related changes, please add them to the changelog.

Major enhancements in this release


Aircraft Modeling

  • Added support to allow a geometry object (a line segment with two vertices) that is used to define both the centre and the axis for an animation. This will work with rotate, translate and the knob animations.


  • The YASim code is under heavy development and will continue to get improvements in the future.


  • Optional new protocol that improves efficiency (35% reduction in bandwidth). Older clients (pre 2017.1) will only see basic aircraft motion when new protocol selected.
  • New debugging options; local loopback, transmitted packet size, packet dump.
  • Extra generic properties; float[20..39], short[0..79], bool[0..90].
  • Connect dialog will use configured ports rather than always using 5000,5000.

Atmospheric Light Scattering

  • G-force effect with greyout and tunnel vision.
  • HUD effect simulating more realistically the appearance of light projected onto glass.
  • Improved Aurora shader.

Environment Rendering

  • Added a normalmap to the Earthview clouds and landscape.
  • Added a lightmap to Earthview at night, including thunderstorm visuals.
  • Earthview atmosphere Rayleigh scattering added.



  • A new, modern splash screen together with start-up tips.
  • The launcher's design is reworked.


  • Improved aircraft discovery: Search tags and large screenshots in the launcher.



  • Enhancements for the integration of osm2city generated sceneries:
    • Textures and effects are now part of FGData and therefore do not need to be distributed separately.
    • Traffic shader visualising cars on streets based on street type, time of day etc.
    • Shader for lit streets.
  • Custom sceneries can add and correct fixes and navaids.
    • This is the logical extension to what was already possible for airports using the NavData/apt folder inside a scenery folder.
    • FlightGear now looks for *.dat and *.dat.gz files in NavData/fix and NavData/nav in addition to NavData/apt (optional subfolders of each scenery folder).
    • See this message for details.

Canvas System

  • Additional APIs to update text elements more performance-friendly.

Nasal Scripting

  • get_cart_ground_intersection() and aircraftToCart() added.


Highlighted new and improved aircraft


Parameter --log-file renamed to --log-dir (FlightGear commit dab685).

Bug fixes

  • See our bugtracker for a list, albeit incomplete, of the bugs fixed in this release.