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This is a quick summary of who I am, what I'm currently working on, and what's on my todo list.

Who am I?

See this interview:

What do I do?

I have various FlightGear interests/responsibilities:

  • One of the maintainers of the official manual
  • Moderator of the FlightGear Forums.
  • Sometimes editor of the FG Newsletter
  • Creator of the Vulcan B2, Flash 2 Alpha, Pitts S1C.
  • Maintainer of the a4f, c172p
  • Developed various graphics - trees, clouds and random buildings.
  • Write release notes, and sometimes "policy statement" (e.g. FPS, GPL)
  • General interest in improving usability (joystick config, various UI improvements)


(Updated 2013-06-24)

  • Move the loading of trees/buildings from the tile loading into a deferred LoD node so that they only get generated when the user gets closer to them. This should improve tile loading times and memory occupancy.
  • Fly my P&M Quik GT450 aircraft in real life.
  • Move the terrain, VASI lights into the effects system so they can be made Rembrant/ALS compatible
  • Investigate Rembrandt more thoroughly in preparation for a possible ALS merge.