North American OV-10A Bronco

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"The North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco is a turboprop-driven light attack and cargo aircraft. Although it is a fixed-wing aircraft, its mission capabilities resemble a fast, long-range, inexpensive and reliable ultra-heavy attack helicopter. It flies at 244 knots (452 kilometers/hour), carries 3 tons of external munitions, and easily loiters for 3 or more hours. It is prized for its versatility, redundancy, load, wide field of view, short-field ability, low operational costs and ease of maintenance." Read more on Wikipedia: OV-10 Bronco


Development status/ToDo


  • full 3D model complete
  • fully animated
  • fully textured
  • external models: 230gal fuel tank, Mk82 bomb, rockets
OV-10A cockpit


  • USAFE version has a 3D cockpit
  • most rudimentary instruments present
  • realistic fuel system implemented
  • working weapons and external stations release


  • finish USAFE 3D cockpit
  • add ignition sequence
  • add gun charging procedure
  • add realism levels (easy|real)
  • add radar detection system (AN/ALR-46)
  • improve CDF version from USAFE
  • make NASA version


OV-10A 3view
  • Span: 40 feet (12.2 meters)
  • Length: 41 feet, 7 inches (12.7 meters)
  • Height: 15 feet, 1 inch (4.6 meters)
  • Weight: Empty: 7,190 pounds (3,261 kilograms)
  • Maximum take-off gross weight: 14,444 pounds (6,552 kilograms)


  • MAXIMUM SPEED AT SEA LEVEL: 244 knots (452 kilometers/hour)
  • SERVICE CEILING: 28,800 feet (8,778 meters)
  • CREW: One pilot and one observer (removable rear seat for greater fuselage cargo capacity)
  • FUEL: Five self-sealing fuel tanks in wing: 252-gallon capacity (954 liters) 150-, 230-, or 300-gallon (568-, 871-, or 1,136-liter) external tank
  • RANGE: 700 nautical miles (1,297 kilometers) with internal fuel 1200 nautical miles (2224 kilometers) with 150-gallon (568-liter) drop tank
  • MISSION PERFORMANCE: 5.5 hours loiter time with 150-gallon (568-liter) drop tank50 nautical miles (93 kilometers) and 2 hours loiter time with full ordnance load

Special Features

Fuel System

Internal Fuel System

  • 5 wing stored tanks gravity fed to the engines (fuel cutoff after 15 consecutive seconds of negative G flight).
  • default tanks if external is empty or not used.


(Read the armament procedure in the next setion)

  • 4 M60C 7.62mm machine guns, two in each sponson (shoot tracers, 500 rounds).
  • 1 Mk82 500lbs bomb, with either nose or tail (delayed) fuse.
  • 1 LAU68 40mm rockets, with single or multiple fire sequence.

Radar Detector

  • 1 AN/ALR 46 Radar detection system


  • right engine smoke created by mixing oil into fuel thus making a white smoke (s to trigger, S to stop).

User's Manual

Starting procedure

Armament procedure

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