Leipzig/Halle Airport

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Leipzig/Halle Airport
EDDP TerminalC.jpeg
Type Public
Owner Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding
City Between Leipzig and Halle
Runway Length Material
08L/26R 11,811 ft Concrete (in FG still Asphalt)
08R/26L 11,811 ft Concrete (in FG still Asphalt)

Flying at Leipzig/Halle airspace


All diagrams and charts are available for download.

Runways and ILS

Runway 08L/26R

Apron 4 and Runway 26L at night

The northern Runway is 3600m long with a width of 45m. In real life its usually used by passenger airliners

  • ILS 08L: 108.55
  • ILS 26R: 108.35

Runway 08R/26L

The sothern Runway is 3600m long with a width of 60m. In real life its mostly used by freighters due to its proximity to freight areas (Apron 2 and 4)

  • ILS 08R: 111.90 (111.75 in FG older than Version 2.0.0)
  • ILS 26L: 110.30


  • Leipzig Ground - frequency 121.800
  • Leipzig Tower - frequency 121.100


Connected by Terminal C and three taxiway bridges (W1, E7, E8) the airport layout combines the northern part with runway 08L/26L and Apron 3 (new cargo area since 2012) and the southern part with Apron 1 (Terminal B), runway 08R/26L, Apron 2, Apron 4 (DHL), Apron 5. Between both parts the

Access and connection

Terminal C

Terminal C at dawn

In August 2012 the completely new modelled terminal C was published in TerraSync.

Taxiway bridges

A highway and railway lines go straight between the two runways. Three bridges connect the terminal with the northern runway. The western bridge (taxiway W1) is used in both directions. The eastern bridges (taxiways E7 and E8) are used as one way taxiways. Due to safety improvements all bridges are equipped with special taxi lights. Due to changes in the TerraData the bridges had to be repositioned in 2012.

Apron 1

Terminal B

Visual Docking Guiding Systems on every gateway at terminal C

Real world:

This building is the main Terminal for most commercial flights at EDDP. It is connected to Terminal C in the north and provides the passenger transfer to Apron 1 via 6 gateways. It also has a connection to the Luggage Terminal.

Scenery in TerraSync: In Flightgear the main Terminal is modelled very slim and efficiently. 6 unmovable gateways link to park positions 126, 128, 130, 132, 134 and 136. In 2012 it will be improved. Since September 2012 it has been equipped with a non-animated VDGS.

Luggage Terminal

This building is under development. The old version will be replaced in October 2012.


Apron 2

Apron 3

This Apron in real life went into service with a new cargo hangar in 2012. In Flightgear it is still closed. The corresponding facilities are still under development.

Apron 4/5 (DHL)

DHL-area at apron 4 redesigned in 2012

Leipzig/Halle is just a small regional (yet international) airport. But it is the European DHL hub with 60 planes per night. The hub (warehouse, hangar and aprons) is modelled in the scenery. In 2012 its redesign for TerraSync started.

Surroundings and "Other"

Kursdorf - the village within the airport

Yes, that is weird. There is a village right in middle of the airport. So it's no surprise the number of inhabitants is shrinking each year. Once a thriving village with 537 inhabitants in 1950, they were down to 119 in 2006 (Wikipedia). It might be a little loud with the two runways, highway and express railways, but the transport links, hey ... The village is modelled in the scenery.


Latest update: September 2012
  • Models: David G.
  • Aiport layout: Christian Schmitt
  • Additional models: Don Lavelle, Alex Park, Robert Shearman
  • Redesigning & Development 2012: August Geyler, Thomas Großberger


  • TerraSync has it all! Updates during redesigning process 2012 are published every week on TerraSync.

Development 2012

Since the Scenery had been modelled by D-79 in 2010, Thomas Großberger and August Geyler started enhancements and redesigning in 2012. Improvements are made on the following objects:


  • Taxiway bridges: new Position, improved lightening (published 07/2012)
  • New 850-standard: new Layout with all parking positions and improved (under development)

Scenery (Shared Models)

Buildings and Infrastructure (Static Models)

  • Terminal C (published 08/2012)
  • Luggage Terminal (under development)
  • DHL-tanks (under development)
  • Visual Docking Guiding System (publishing)
  • Storage buildings at DHL-area (under development)
  • Turbo engine hall (pre-development)

New Models since 2012

Terminal C VDGS at position 136

Old Models

Here is a selection of the models. YouTube video.

EDDP10.jpg EDDP11.jpg EDDP12.jpg EDDP13.jpg EDDPbridge1.png EDDPbridge2.jpg


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