Hackathon Proposal: more diversified facade textures osm2city

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Title: Make diversified facade textures for osm2city buildings

Warsaw area with OSMcity buildings
Sponsors: vanosten
Interested Parties: none
Status: n/a
Summary: Drastically improve the look of buildings in osm2city
Background: The current texture atlas for osm2city has its limits:
  • only one atlas
  • very small
  • based on pictures from real buildings
  • no regionalisation
  • facades and roofs intermixed

We need to be able to have a larger diversity of facade textures - per building types and for more building types (e.g. industrial buildings, warehouses, summer houses).

The idea is to :

  • keep the current Python-based format of registration per texture, as it has enough properties (to be verified)
  • create several atlases - each atlas being defined by a defined geometric rectangular puzzle of pods and nodes
  • ability to use different atlases per building (e.g. facade vs. roof)
  • ability to use regional textures (e.g. family houses look quite different in different regions, while office buildings look the same).

During the hackathon a PoC would be done for:

  • Deciding on the image format for original editing: file naming, layers, editing program (e.g. Gimp or Krita)
  • Deciding on the atlas pods and nodes
  • Creating a set of textures for commercial /office / sky-scraper facades (relatively geometric) and a set of textures for family houses
  • Make the code to display these buildings in osm2city
  • Make the code to have the osm2city atlasses available in TerraSync models - and get read from there
Details: n/a
Required skills: Python or 2d graphics drawing with layers (you do not have to be an artist)
Learning Opportunities: * 2d graphics drawing
Notes: An alternative for someone wanting to write relatively simple Python code and work with graphics would be to work with the Python API of e.g. Krita to generate lightmaps in a smart way:
  • a lot of buildings textures have currently too many windows lit
  • maintaining light maps should be automated to lower maintenance

E.g. based on PixelCity as referenced in AutoGen_Scenery_for_FlightGear.