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The Aircraft Checklists dialog

As of V2.9, FlightGear can display aircraft checklists in a standardized way, under Help > Aircraft Checklists. To learn more about creating custom checklists, see $FG_ROOT/Docs/README.checklists and the c172p as the reference implementation. Increasingly, the Tutorials system is also extended such that it may make use of aircraft checklists.

Checklists are situated under /sim/checklists. As the checklists may be quite long, it is recommended that they are put in a separate file using the following entry in the -set.xml file of the aircraft:

  <checklists include="c172-checklists.xml"/>

Each individual checklist is created under a <checklist> XML tag, with the following sub-properties:

  • <title> The name of the checklist
  • <page> One or more pages from the checklist, containing one or more of the following:
    • <item> A checklist item, containing
      • <name> The item name, to appear on the left hand side of the checklist
      • <value> One or more values, to appear on the right hand side of the checklist. Second and and subsequent <value> tags are displayed underneath each other. It is recommended that the <value> tags are kept short, to minimize the size of the displayed checklist.
      • <condition> An optional condition node that evaluates when the checklist item is complete. Incomplete checklist items are shown in yellow, while completed items are shown in green.
      • <marker> An optional marker node that is used to display a circle around a control when the user clicks a "?" button next to the item. This contains <x-m>, <y-m>, <z-m> and <scale> sub-elements and uses the
      • <binding> Zero or more XML bindings that are used by the simulator to execute the checklist item if the user clicks on a ">" button next to the item.

tutorial marker.

For simple checklists the <page> element can be omitted and <item> entries placed directly under the <checklist>.

The following example shows a simple checklists XML file:

    <title>After Landing</title>  
      <name>Carburetor Heat</name>
      <name>Wing Flaps</name>
    <title>Getting hamburger</title>

See the Cessna 172P for an example of how this all fits together.

Reloading Checklists

Cut and paste this little code snippet in nasal console and excecute it :

var checklist="777-200-checklists.xml";
var checklist_path=sprintf("%s/%s",getprop("/sim/aircraft-dir"),checklist);
var data = io.read_properties(checklist_path,"/sim/checklists");

Change the first variable to the name of the file you are editing.

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