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Volcanic Activity in FlightGear. Clockwise starting from bottom left: Kiluea, Kiluea, Etna (low level eruption), Beerenberg (high level eruption)

FlightGear is able to simulate different types and levels of volcanic activity. Activity can range from lava lakes and fountains, to small eruptions at newly forming islands like Surtsey, to the massive eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull which caused severe disruption of aviation in 2010. Advanced weather is able to simulate turbulent windfields associated with eruptions currently (2019/2020).

Volcanos depicted as of 2019.2 nightly (2020.1 release)

Volcano Location Closest smaller airfields (ICAO) Close larger airports (ICAO) Volcano scenery state FG version
Kiluea Hawaii Lihue (PHLI) Hilo International (PHTO), Honolulu International 2018.1
Mount Etna Sicily, Italy Catania–Fontanarossa (LICC) 2018.1
Mount Stromboli Stromboli, Italy Lamezia Terme International (LICA), Catania–Fontanarossa (LICC) 2018.1
Beerenberg Island of Jan Mayen, Norway Jan Mayensfield (ENJA) 2018.3
Surtsey Iceland Vestmannaeyjar Airport (BIVM), Vik (BIVI) Keflavík Airport (BIKF) 2019.2 nightly/2020.1
Eyjafjallajökull Iceland Vik (BIVI) Keflavík Airport (BIKF) 2019.2 nightly/2020.1
Katla Iceland Vik (BIVI) Keflavík Airport (BIKF) 2019.2 nightly/2020.1

Improving and adding volcanos

To do

See Volcanos topic on the forum This is a link to the FlightGear forum. for more information and future enhancements needing 3d model work.